Why Exchange Students Need To Work? There’s A Restriction Of Visa!!

International students can work part-time in some countries, but many visas owned by international students have restrictions on part-time jobs. For example, students studying in the United States can basically only work part-time for 20 hours per week. There is a provision that the part-time job must be related to school. But because of such regulations, many students are forced to live harshly. Here, we will introduce the life of such students.

Reality of grad students

 There is knowing when they get degrees

Many international students studying in the United States are receiving scholarships to study. However, for example, there is no problem as long as you receive a scholarship for only one year in the undergraduate period, but students studying abroad for the purpose of obtaining a degree in the United States are struggling financially. It is highly possible.
This is because, for example, students in the doctoral program (hereinafter referred to as doctoral program) often have no idea how many years it will take to complete the doctoral program. Even in Japan a long time ago, it was thought important to write good doctoral dissertation over the years. Due to the recent increase in graduate students, “writing a doctoral dissertation in three years as much as possible” is becoming more common. there is. For this reason, for example, in the case of social sciences, it is not impossible to write a doctoral dissertation over 10 years.

 You may not necessarily get scholarship all the time

On the other hand, for example, if you go to the United States to study a doctoral program, it is said that there are more or less scholarship patterns at first. Fulbright is especially famous around the world, but these scholarships will not be awarded until you complete the graduate school. Depending on your country of origin, you can often get support for a limited time, for example, only for the first 3 years or only for 4 years. For example, in Japan it is possible to receive a scholarship from the Japan Student Services Organization and go to a university, but in the case of a doctoral program, you can only receive support for a maximum of 3 years, that is, the number of years that you can obtain a doctorate (By the way, the Japan Student Services Organization does not provide assistance while studying abroad).
Therefore, if you cannot complete the doctoral program while you are supported by a scholarship, you must secure another source of income this time. However, as I mentioned earlier, an American student visa only allows you to work for 20 hours per week, so you can’t live alone. Also, scholarships with repayment obligations do not always pass, and even if they pass, it is not uncommon for only the debt to increase this time. That’s why many people who have earned a PhD in the United States still have millions of scholarship repayments.

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Students want to get money quickly

 No work!!

Even if you want to make money yourself because you can’t get scholarships or grants, you have to find a part-time job in the university because the student’s visa only allows university-related work . And because American universities often do such work for undergraduates, doctoral students can hardly get a job.
In addition, university work can only pay less than the minimum wage, so you can not survive very much just doing 20 hours a week in the university, and you may not pay tuition fees.

 Some start sexual related job

There is no problem as long as you can be repatriated by your family. But if you must manage your own money, if you cannot live as it is, if you cannot continue your studies, if you must give up studying IF the situation ends up in vain, and the students will try to make money in a short time to live and continue to study.
Therefore, it is said that more and more students are working in the sexual industry recently, such as dancing at night clubs. The sexual industry is by no means a terrible field. However, especially for female students, you can make money relatively easily by using the female nature. Although it is certainly against the visa regulations, it has the advantage that it is difficult for universities and governments.

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In order to make out dreams come true

Certainly, some people may see saying, “I will break the visa rules and work part-time.” However, if you do not get repatriated from your family, or if you have to work on your own money, in order to live and not to waste your previous academic work, above all there is a current situation that there is no choice but to take such options to make the dream come true. (Note that this article does not recommend such an option!)
It is said that money who had the number of scholarships from the Japan Student Services Organization cannot pay it back in these days and it is said that it is difficult to apply for a first-class scholarship that does not require interest. Whether to study anywhere in the country, including Japan, so it is important that that get a scholarship on a standing neatly in the future plans, can students firmly study that you want to study at the same time, of the world I hope the economy will improve as well.

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