Want To Let Kids To Learn English Pronunciation? How To Do That?

Many parents want their children to be able to speak English when they are born. However, despite the progress of globalization, it is difficult to acquire the correct pronunciation in Japan, where there are few opportunities to speak English. If your parents can speak English, it might work somehow, but if your parents can’t speak English, they might be wondering how to make your child learn English. Here, I would like to think about how to make a child who can speak English a good pronunciation.
By the way, my parents can’t speak English. However, they kept a very stoic attitude toward English education and taught me  English. So I would like to use them as a clue.

Which schools to let them go

 If teachers can speak English

Recently, many attempts have been made to make English come into contact with babies. I live in China now because of my husband’s work, but when I went back to Japan the other day and walked in a shopping mall with my son who was three months old, English teaching materials were advertised here and there.
However, if you want to educate English early in this way, it is very important which English class you can go to. For example, there are various features such as rich educational materials, high prices, and characters such as Disney that children might like.
The important thing in choosing an English classroom is whether the teacher can speak English. For example, recently people who want to teach English at home can receive some training and open an English class. However, in other words, it does not mean that you can speak English because you are an English classroom teacher. In a teacher’s English class where you can’t speak English, especially when you can’t pronounce English, it’s hard to get the child’s English skills, especially correct pronunciation.

 Don’t get manipulated by materials

In addition, various English classes have been devised, for example, using Disney characters and introducing various songs to make children more attractive. But don’t be fooled by teaching materials.
Certainly, if you like it, you’ll be good at things, so if your child loves Mickey Mouse, you might feel like your child is having fun learning English. However, what is important is the contents and how to study, so don’t be fooled by the characters alone. If the content is substantial, it is fine, but you should not choose it just because you like this character.

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How much you practice

 Once in a week of studying isn’t enough

In many cases, there is a pattern of going to English classes once a week. Your teacher may give you homework, such as “Watch the DVD story many times in a week and learn the dialogue here”.
In such a case, for example, even if you look at the story just once before the English class or just before going to the English class, you will never learn English. Certainly it may be possible to keep up with the class, but then you will not learn the correct pronunciation.
Many English classrooms use DVDs with various stories, but they are not toys. Even if you watch an English story as if you were watching your favorite anime once a week, you will not learn the correct pronunciation. It is important to have a daily effort to watch and repeat every day.

 Parents also should be interested in studying English

If parents can’t speak English, be sure to watch the story to study English with their children. If you show a DVD to a child and do housework in the meantime, you can’t concentrate on the child.
Rather, parents need to have enough room to learn the pronunciation together and practice with their children by watching the story many times. It is important that parents devise and study happily because they will get bored when they show the same story to the children over and over.

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Make environment to let them study English themselves

 You always need to be enthusiastic to study English

If you want your children to learn the correct pronunciation and speak English properly, you should not be satisfied with English education in kindergarten or elementary school. Recently, English classes are being held at elementary schools, so it seems that some people will be satisfied with that alone when they enter elementary school.
Language is always studying. Therefore, even if you start to learn English in school classes, it is important to create an environment where English can be enjoyed by creating a situation where you can experience English at home.

 Use homestay experience as much as possible

Recently, you can easily participate in overseas homestays. There are many homestay programs that invite participants from the 4th grade. It’s also important to let your children go if they are interested in such things.
If you want to acquire correct pronunciation and solid English conversation skills, it is also very efficient to practice overseas. Certainly, there are people in the world who have acquired English conversation skills without going to English-speaking countries, but that is only one part. Also, if you go abroad, you can also learn foreign cultures, so it can be said that it is two birds with one stone.

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Have them be interested in English

Looking at parents who have their children studying English, they want to say that they can’t learn English just by letting their children touch English for a few years while they are small. In particular, English classes are expensive, so there are times when you feel like having children in an English class is a fashion.
Studying English is not a competition, nor is it fashion. No matter how high you want to go to an English classroom, no matter how much you go to an English classroom where you have fun playing games, it will be difficult to learn English if your child is not interested in English I can say that. To learn English properly so that you can speak correctly and communicate with foreigners means that you must always study English. That’s why if parents who don’t speak English want their children to learn English, it’s important to create an environment where their children are interested in English.

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