English Education For Infants!! Smart Phones Or Tablets Are Not Toys!!

English education has become more important, and many people may want to teach English when their children are small. Recently, a lot of toys for English education have been sold, and you are wondering which one is better. Meanwhile, there are many people who show their smartphones to their children. Certainly these are not toys. However, it is actually said that smartphones and tablets are not suitable for English education. Why is that? Here are the reasons why smartphones and tablets are not suitable for teaching English to young children.

Parents don’t have innocent reasons

 Letting kids alone wouldn’t help them to study English

First of all, children don’t study English if they only give toys. Certainly kids enjoy toys, but it’s a big mistake if they think they will learn English just by leaving them alone. Rather, if that is true, Japanese children who are highly regarded in the world for the quality and type of toys are fluent in English.
If you want your children to learn English, you must not only buy and buy toys, but adults should also use them together and try to learn English. If you leave it alone, your child’s English will not improve. Surely it may be better than not using toys, but children will learn English only when their parents participate together.

 Many parents let kids use phones while shopping

Also, when giving children a smartphone or tablet, parents who are shopping are overwhelming. It’s hard to go shopping with your children. Some parents may feel that their children want sweets, want toys, take a long time to shop, or have trouble with their children. That’s why many parents give smartphones and tablets to keep their children silent. Some parents are willing to show anime in English if they are given a smartphone or tablet.
But if you are given a smartphone or tablet while you are shopping, it’s just time for your child to enjoy a small TV. Certainly, some children may be watching English anime. However, children are actually more knowledgeable than adults think. For example, even if you are a young child, you will soon discover that you can watch your favorite anime by searching on YouTube. So, even if you intend to show anime related to English education on your smartphone or tablet, there are many cases where your child was watching something they liked.

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Influence to sleep

 Blue light may distract good sleeps

In the past, you’ve noticed that the blue light on smartphones and tablets affects sleep. That’s why if you want to get a good night’s sleep, you might be told to refrain from using a smartphone, tablet, or computer a few hours before going to bed. Recently, there are also settings for cutting blue light, and glasses that cut blue light are also sold.
The same is true for children. Rather, it has been pointed out that infants may be susceptible to blue light. It’s easy to get into the problem of getting hooked on your phone or tablet, and not being able to sleep well at night.

 Children need sleep

Of course, adults need to sleep, but children need to sleep to grow. Especially for young children such as infants and toddlers, lack of sleep increases the possibility of adverse effects on their development and growth.
Smartphones and tablets are said to be easily addicted, and some adults can hardly afford to let go of smartphones and tablets. The same is true for children. By giving a child a smartphone or tablet, the child will discover more functions. This can lead to a vicious circle in which the child does not give up the smartphone or tablet and the parent gives up, which increases the time the child has to handle the smartphone or tablet, resulting in lack of sleep for the child.

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Don’t decide based on your convenience

Many parents give their children a smartphone or tablet because they want to be quiet when they go shopping. Also, there may be people who are trapped in the threatening notion of “If you don’t use it from a small age, you will leave it when you grow up”. However, when we were small, there were no smartphones or tablets. Still, we are familiar with smartphones and tablets.
Even if you want to give your child an English education, you should not decide it for the convenience of an adult. If you want your child to be educated in English or give them the right toys, it is important to give them the right materials.

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