Japanese Ramen Is Popular In Other Countries!? Which Flavor Is Popular!?

Japanese food is now becoming a popular food among foreigners. Yakiniku, curry, and sushi are Japanese foods that foreigners know. Meanwhile, ramen is one of the most popular Japanese foods.
If you are speaking of ramen, there may be no one who hates Japanese people. Although it is certainly a hurdle to foreigners in the sense of sipping noodles, there are still a growing number of foreigners who like ramen. So what kind of ramen is popular overseas? Here, we will introduce how Japanese ramen taste is appreciated overseas.

Pork flavor is very popular

 Thick flavor is popular

Speaking of Tonkotsu Ramen (Pork flavor ramen), it is a popular taste among Japanese people. There may be a lot of people who like the taste. Many foreigners like pork bone noodles because they like this rich taste. There are many places where you can be confident about this pork bone ramen soup, especially if you eat it at a ramen shop. Many people say that pork bone ramen pork, sesame and boiled egg toppings are delicious.

 Some may not like that oil

On the other hand, there are many people who have an image of Tonkotsu Ramen as oily. Some people say that when they eat ramen, it’s delicious, but if you drink all of the soup, it’s salty, so you just leave the soup.
In the case of Tonkotsu Ramen, if you leave the soup for a while, the oil will harden. That’s why Tonkotsu Ramen uses oil.

 For foreigners, use less oil

For Japanese people who really like tonkotsu ramen, if you change the soup from tonkotsu ramen, you may feel that it is not delicious. However, some foreigners don’t like that oil, so if you want to make tonkotsu ramen for foreigners in Japan, you may want to use less oil.

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Miso ramen is only available in Japan

 There’s no miso ramen in other countries

Ramen is now loved in foreign countries, and various flavors are available. There are also chicken-flavored and beef-flavored ramen in the United States, and seafood ramen when you go to China. By the way, Japanese Tonkotsu Ramen is also popular in China (although it tastes a little different from that of Japan!).
Under such circumstances, it can be said that miso ramen is unique to Japan. Many people want to eat miso ramen when they come to Japan because miso is unique to Japan. So if you want to offer ramen to foreigners, you might want to ask first if the miso ramen is good.

 It’s too thick

Under such circumstances, it seems that some foreigners are not used to the taste of miso because it is unique to Japan. Some people shy away from miso ramen because they are better off eating the one they are used to.

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Soy sauce flavor is a bit salty

 It’s not that popular

Of course, what you like is completely different from person to person, so it cannot be generalized, but soy sauce ramen is surprisingly not popular with foreigners. Soy sauce is an ingredient used in various countries in Asia, but from the perspective of Westerners, it seems that the taste is strong and salty.
Furthermore, there are some foreigners who want to drink soup when eating ramen, but there is a view that if the taste becomes too strong, the soup will not be consumed.

 Some like it because it’s more like Japan

On the other hand, there are some foreigners who say that soy sauce ramen is delicious because it is unique to Japan. Certainly, soy sauce is found in many Asian countries, but it is not easy to find soy sauce-flavored ramen. Looking at this, it seems that there are many opinions that because ramen is Japanese, some like the taste unique to Japan.

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Japanese instant noodles are also common

In fact, Japanese instant noodles are very popular overseas. There are already a variety of products on the market, but they are also popular as imported products in foreign countries.
However, it is said that how to eat instant noodles varies from country to country. Generally, hot water is boiled in a pan and instant ramen or soup is added to make ramen. Although it seems dangerous for the Japanese, there are countries where this is common.

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