Vocabularies Are Very Important 2 – Casual Words People Use in Their Daily Lives

This surprising meaning of a well-known English word! These words are used by native speakers! English word series that introduces. This time, the second time, I gathered familiar words that can be used in daily life. Let’s get started!

1. easy

Although it is a simple word at junior high school level, it has a meaning that is not well known. You know the meaning of “easy”, right? Here are some other meanings:

 Can you convey your favor?!

Actually, easy means “easy to do, easy”. “I feel relieved to be with you”, “You are easy to talk to”, and convey this kind of favor (!?) English can also be created using easy!

 Let’s practice

It ’s easy being with you.
(Relieved to be with you)

It ’s easy to talk with you.
(Easy to talk to you)

In addition, easy also means “little”. Mainly used for women like She is easy (she is a light woman).

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2. handle

What you think of when you hear handle is a car handle or handle. This time, we will introduce the meaning of verbs that are often used by native speakers.

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Verb means “treat”. This is a convenient word that can represent various meanings depending on the context. You can make a lot of useful phrases such as “Please leave it to me”, “I am strong at alcohol” and “I think I can do it”.

 Let’s practice

Let me handle this problem.
(Please leave this to us)

I can handle a lot of alcohol.
(I can handle a lot of sake → alcohol is strong)

I ’m sure I can handle it.
(I think it can be done absolutely)

To handle kids is usually difficult.
(It is difficult to put together children)

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3. pick

The word pick with different meanings. One of the words that native speakers use frequently. There are two widely known meanings: “select” and “pick up”.

Pick a card.
(Please select one card)
Could you pick up my eraser?
(Can you pick up an eraser?)

I use it like this. Let’s look at other meanings.

Nampa / Hug, both are OK
Pick me up!
Is an expression often used by children. Use it when you hold and lift. Also, this word is sometimes used in the meaning of pick-up though it is not listed in the dictionary in many cases.

 Let’s practice

Are you picking me up?
(Maybe you are picking up me?)

I picked a girl yesterday, but I was damped.
(I picked up a girl yesterday but it was shaken)
* Damp shake

I ’m tired. Pick me up, Dad!
(I’m tired. Hold your dad!)

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4. game

What do you answer when you hear the meaning of this word? The meaning of “game / game” is very famous. Actually, there are two other things that the native speakers often use.

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In fact, game has the meaning of “work” and “level”. For example, if you want to say “I work for ABC Company”
I work for ABC company
However, the same meaning can be expressed using game.

It also means “level”, but this is a casual expression used on social media. This is an expression that is not often found in the dictionary.

 Let’s practice

I ’m in the Marketing game.
(I work for a marketing company)

Is he in the ABC game?
(Is he working for an ABC company?)

Your OOTD game is awesome!
(It ’s cool today!)
* OOTD = outfit of the day

That party game was amazing!
(That party was great!)

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5. chill

You say It ’s chilly! When it ’s cold. In fact, you can use this word to express the answer to What are you doing?

Is it frozen? !

You can use this chill when asked “What are you doing?” And answering “I haven’t done anything in particular. Chill sticks to out to mean “calm”, but in actual conversation it means “relaxed”.

 Let’s practice

What ’s up?
(What are you doing?)
Not much. I ’m just chilling out.

I want to chill out on the weekend.
(I want to relax on the weekend)

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Here are 5 simple English words that are used in various situations. When I didn’t understand the meaning before, I was asked “Can you handle it?” But now you can answer Let me handle it! Please use this English word as well.

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