Why Taiwanese Like Japanese/Japan?

Which country do you think the most friendly to Japan? I think The answer is Taiwan. However, this is very interesting to think like that. Japan used to occupy Taiwan from 1895 to 1945 still Taiwanese like Japanese. Don’t you think it’s very interesting that you are friendly to people who used to occupy your country? Let’s think why this happens.

Taiwan is very friendly to Japan

Taiwan is a very popular place to go. It’s safe and it has a lot of delicious food. It goes without saying that people in Taiwan a very nice to Japanese. If you explore the town of Taiwan, even though you’re not in Taipei which is the capital of Taiwan, you might be able to meet people who can talk to you in Japanese. When Japan was occupying Taiwan, people are forced to study Japanese. however, there are also people who studied Japanese spontaneously. There are people who choose Japanese as their second language or third language at school. Isn’t that great?

 Chinese come to Japan a lot, but considering the populations, more Taiwanese come to Japan!

In 2016, more than 6.3 million Chinese came to Japan. 5 million Koreans and 4.1 million Taiwanese came to Japan as well. However, if you think about the population, we can say The number of Taiwanese people who came to Japan was the biggest. Taiwanese come to Japan repeatedly and they go to Hokkaido or Okinawa, not only Tokyo. My friend in Taiwan was saying that she wants to see snow in Hokkaido because they don’t have snow in Taiwan.

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Why Taiwanese Like Japanese/Japan?



By the way, Japanese women are popular in the world. They support men peacefully and that means a lot to men.

 Japanese men are not popular in the world, but…

The other hand, Japanese men are not that popular. They seem to like to be supported and they are not good at showing their affection. Japanese guys are smaller physically than Western guys so you don’t see the couples with western female and Japanese male. Of course, you see a lot of couples with Western male and Japanese female.

But Japanese men can’t be popular in Taiwan, obviously because Taiwanese like Japanese.

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Why Taiwanese like Japan?

What makes Taiwanese this friendly to Japanese despite of Japanese occupations of their country? We wouldn’t be surprised even though they hate us, right?

 Comparison with China which occupied Taiwan afterwards

I asked several my friends in Taiwan and apparently they compare themselves with mainland China which was also occupying Taiwan after Japan. Japan was occupying Taiwan but they were focusing on education so some Taiwanese think Japanese helped them to develop their country. Technically, Japan helped their economical basics.

On the other hand, Chinese occupation was very crucial. They used their power and did whatever they wanted to do. That’s why, some Taiwanese think that Japanese occupation was actually much better and it was peaceful.

 Taiwanese don’t wanted to be considered as Chinese

Some Taiwanese don’t like to be mixed up with people in mainland China. There is a discussion going on about Taiwan being a part of China or an independent country. This is never ending discussion but at least Taiwanese don’t like people to think that they are also Chinese.

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Taiwanese like Japanese

Still can’t forget about my friend’s remark: we share language was Chinese but we share minds with Japanese. I don’t know whether she likes Japan or hates China it was impressive for me that she likes to pound that much.

Japanese should be nice to them!

Taiwan is a very great place to visit. People are nice and foods are delicious. We also have to be friendly to taiwanese people and hopefully to maintain this good relationship.

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