Russian Mothers – They Enjoy Taking Care of Children and Their Private Lives!!

Currently living in Russia. There are many things that I think when raising children in Russia are very different from Japan in both good and bad ways. This time, I will introduce a little about children’s education (especially the environment for infant education).

Russian kindergarten situation

In Russia, there are many double-income and single-mother families, and it is normal for women to go to work even with small children.

 Kindergarten that is hard to enter

Normally you can enter a public kindergarten from 3 years old. Even in kindergarten, we have 3 meals and take a nap from 8 am to 7 pm. There are not enough kindergartens now for the number of working women, and we have to register for waiting to enter the kindergarten immediately after giving birth. However, family children with 3 or more children can enter the park preferentially even under 3 years old.

 Plentiful choices

If the allocated kindergarten is not close to your home, and you have been allocated a distant place in your area, you may wish to exchange permission for kindergarten admission at local information exchange sites. If you post, you may find someone who wants to replace the kindergarten in the same way you want. Exchange of admission permission is possible with mutual consent.

You can also choose not to enter the kindergarten or to enter the kindergarten from 4 or 5 years old, not from 3 years old.
Even if you are not attending a kindergarten, you may choose to go to a preschool or private kindergarten that has a curriculum to prepare for school for one year before entering elementary school. There is no such thing as a problem when you enter elementary school because you don’t attend kindergarten.

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Abundant infant class

In Russia, childcare leave allowances are paid up to one and a half years and employees can take childcare leave up to three years of age if they wish. Kindergarten entrance is 3 years old, but in the area where I live, there is nothing like a Japanese children’s house or childcare center other than the library, and there are no events that I can participate for free. There are many paid infant classes instead.

 Education eager! ? Moms

We attended an infant class that performed singing, dancing, crafting, exercising, and seasonal events several hours a week. My friend, Russian, is a child mom who is about one year old, but she has been going to a swimming school with her child since about six months.
My impression is that many Russian moms spend money on infant education. I think that many moms are applying while checking word-of-mouth on the local site, with various ideas such as piano classes, chorus classes, ballet, swimming, yoga, craft classes, and painting classes.

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Creating an environment where parents can enjoy

There are also hair salons and nail salons in the form of an infant classroom. Some classrooms also provide a service for keeping children 2 to 3 hours from the evening of Saturday and Sunday. Daddy and mom have a child on weekends, so please have a movie or a meal alone and have a date.


What I find interesting about raising children in Russia is that it doesn’t lead to a child-centered life even with children, where moms themselves are conscious of women, and places importance on the relationship between two couples. I think so. I’m Japanese, so I’m not so conscious of spending time with my husband and wife, and of course it’s a child-centered life …
I often get advice from Russian women that they should have time to drink wine with their husband after the child goes to bed. I don’t even have wine at home.

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Cafe takes care of the child

Even in cafes and restaurants, there are many kids rooms where you can see children. It is very helpful for bringing children. There are also cafes that draw work classes in the kids room several times a month. Children can enjoy it, and I think that the parents are conscious of enjoying their meals slowly without worrying about the children.

 Russian forgiving children

Even if children walk around in the restaurant, the Russians don’t care so much, so in Russia it’s messy. When I go back to Japan, going to a restaurant with a child who has become accustomed to the free atmosphere of Russia, I often get cold and sweat and my stomach hurts. Therefore it is very easy to eat at home.

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Russia where mothers can relax

I was disappointed at first because I couldn’t find an event at a children’s house in Russia. I want to be able to use it well and have fun raising children.

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