Dealing with Food Poisoning in Thailand!?

I have been traveling more than 60 countries around the world and am currently living in Thailand. It’s the second year. What happened to my life in Thailand has never happened anywhere in the world – food poisoning. No matter how tight the trip schedule was, even if I ate suspicious food at the street vendors, or even though I swam in the Ganges River in India, I did not get any disease, but I get a high fever about once in every six months and I’m forced to rest for a few days at home because of it. In addition, I get easy stomach problems once in every 2-3 months. Why does world traveler like me ever experience food poisoning in developing Thailand?

Wanted to try their food!!

 Wanted to try the same food

I am also working locally in Thailand as hired locally, and I am not hired under better conditions than the expatriates. So, there is no such thing as buying a delicious side dish in the department store, eating at a expensive restaurant, or waiting for your lovely wife to do home cooking when you go home. Even after moving to Thailand, the spirit of my travelers has never faded, and I’ve tried to live as much as possible with local people. If you come to this point, you will have a strange feeling like losing if you get lost. Lol

 The charm of the market

Therefore, as a daily routine, the style of buying food at street vendors and outside markets and eating it at home has become established. In Thailand, takeout is pervasive and you can bring home cooked dishes all day. When you go to the Thai market, you will find a line of Thai food that you have never made, and you will knnow if there is such a nice dish. But here is a pitfall part… Already cooked dishes stay in the non-air-conditioned-place forever to be sold, and in some cases they are left for hours in the sun. But it looks really delicious. Moreover, there are many Thai people every day. That’s why I am attracted by curiosity and cheap prices. I don’t buy raw or obviously strange things. I buy yakitori, soup with meat vegetables that seem to be boiled well, papaya salad, and anything that seems to be okay. But my body was honest enough.

 Severe symptoms

I can’t be a Thai because I grow in Japan. This stupid food poisoning symptoms usually start at 39 degrees fever with constipation first, and then diarrhea. If you don’t take medicine, it won’t improve quickly. If it is prescribed by your doctor, you will recover in a few days. Or, even if you don’t go to work, you may not be allowed to sleep at night if you have mild symptoms and diarrhea continues. I came here because I was originally very healthy, had no major illness, and why…

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How to deal with food poisoning

 1. Throw away the spirit of traveler

If you have a traveler’s spirit forever, let’s eat anything curiously first! If there is no problem, you will eat it on a daily basis. The environment I grew up is a clean environment with good infrastructure. They of course you’d be sick if you drink a tap water suddenly. If you are migrating abroad, be sure to keep the traveler’s spirit in mind and be able to take it out when you travel.

 2. Use the supermarket

In Thailand, supermarkets  are more expensive than the outside market or vendors. They have vegetables, meat, and dairy products, and they are are stored in the air-conditioned building. I want to use it as much as possible of course, but after consulting with my wallet, I only buy things that I can’t buy at the market, such as yogurt and drinks. But what is sold in a good storage environment must be safer… So, even if it’s a little more expensive, it may be time to debut in the supermarket. Another option is to buy a snack made from a supermarket for a late night. It’s safer than buying at the market, and the price is about the same as the market if you have a discount.

 3. Become a vegetarian, full-fledged

This is now a very good option for me. There is no kitchen in the house, so if you do not need to cook and you can eat relatively safely, you can become a pioneer who eats vegetables fruits in Thailand. Moreover, it is cheaper to buy at the market and there is no worry about money. If you go to a restaurant where you eat out, you might try to eat a little meat or fish so that nutrition is not unbalanced

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As you can see, there are, of course, many people who can enjoy their local lives as locals. Those people do exist everywhere. Let’s do our best with health first, find a way to live and live well without giving up!

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