Use Basic Flavors of Vegetables for Your Meal!! Vegetable Flavors are Different From Japan in Italy!?

International marriage, longing for Italy! ! I was puzzled at the very beginning. Yes, isn’t it supermarket shopping? This time, we will introduce Japanese food and Italian food.

Italian supermarket

When I first went to an Italian supermarket, I had some strange vegetables that I had never seen before. I was confused by how many different things were onion alone and several tomatoes alone. I could not do it.

 Everything is different!

Even in the fresh fish corner, fish that you have never seen, shells lined up, swordfish and octopus with many kinds of squid and octopus left behind only in the head, etc. There is a memory that the cut method was different and everything was too different, such as a large cut chicken.
It’s a different food culture than we think.

 Seasonal items

I think that there is a reason that Italy is blessed with the weather, but because there is almost no house cultivation, basically only seasonal items are lined up in stores.
For example, Italy is known for its tomato country, but disappears in winter. Of course it can be found in large stores, but it is quite expensive, so it is rare to buy it.
Above all, the seasonal thing is the most delicious thing of the season, and we want our bodies, so it makes sense.

 Rome season to feel at the market

Even in Japan, you feel spring with wild plants. In Rome, when artichokes start to line up in the market, you feel spring, leafy vegetables like broccoli called broccoli, and summer vegetables like zucchini, tomatoes and eggplants gradually appear, and fall when broccoli is lined up When the autumn gets deeper, leafy vegetables and mushrooms that add more flavor to the spinach and vietnamese vegetables are starting to appear in the middle of the store.

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Meals in Italy

In Italian lessons, “Please give me 2kg spinach and 5kg potato”
There is a scene. I understood how to use the unit of kg in this lesson, and I thought that I would not actually buy such a large amount of vegetables. However, Italians have a habit of eating a lot of vegetables anyway, so I was surprised to live in Italy and really shop for this kilogram.

 Enjoy the taste of the ingredients

In Italy, there are many dishes that use vegetables, but basically it is a culture where you can enjoy a single item carefully. What is it.
Vegetables that have received a lot of the benefits of the sun are harvested at night and traded at the market in the morning, so they are not ripened during transportation, so the taste is also solid, so this single item You can cook with vegetables.
Actually, I’ve cooked the same dishes in Japan, but I have experience that the taste of vegetables is weak and vague. After all it was not delicious. This is also a cultural difference.

 The cooking method is very simple

The basics of Italian home cooking are olive oil, salt and vinegar. A friend who came to Italy was also surprised, but he doesn’t use garlic as much as the Japanese think. On the contrary, I think that there are many people who are not good at garlic. Many people say “Pepper is bad because it’s bad for the body”, and meat dishes are just baked with salt and a little pepper.
Vegetables are boiled well, so it is very healthy, with a considerable intake, eating with salt, olive oil and vinegar.
Even if you go to a restaurant, you can basically choose “bake”, “fry”, “oven”, or “boiled”, so when you’ve just lived in Italy, I expect that there will be more unique Italian cooking methods. It was.

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The role of raw ham and mozzarella cheese!?

Speaking of Italy, it ’s prosciutto. And mozzarella cheese. Italian meals are cappuccino and biscotte in the morning, and pasta and meat dishes are eaten in the daytime, so there are many patterns that can be done lightly at night, but prosciutto ham and mozzarella cheese appear there.

 Are you full?

Isn’t it just a mozzarella cheese and salad because I’m full? Isn’t it surprising?
In addition, antipasto (appetizer) is positioned in restaurants, so when customers come, it may be served as an appetizer.

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Food culture is interesting!!

Although it is a little geeky information, I told you about the food culture in Italian life. There are a lot of surprises about the different ways of thinking about food when you live in Italy. If you are planning to stay in Italy in the future or if you are considering a long-term stay, please check it out.

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