Want To Work In Other Countries? How Can I Get A Job In USA?

There are many people who want to work overseas in the future, especially in the United States. The United States is also said to be a free country, and there may be many people who are conscious that anyone can go to the United States to work. However, it is very difficult for a person who does not have American nationality to work in the United States. Under these circumstances, what steps should Japanese take to work in the United States? Here, we will introduce a way for non-American people to work in the United States.

Marriage with Americans

 Get VISA as a partner of an American

 It’s the easiest way to come to USA

In this way, entering a partner country by marriage must prove that it is not a fake marriage, but it is also the easiest way to work in that country.
If you are recognized as a spouse, you can live in that country, or if you have lived for several years, you can obtain permanent residence. In particular, if a child is born between the two, acquiring permanent residence is easier.

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Go to USA from the job in Japan

 Work in America connected to the company in Japan

If you want to work in the United States, you can also go to America in the form of a secondment. There is a possibility of going on a business trip overseas, or you may go to the United States as a representative.
Recently, there are many overseas business trips, not just in the United States, so many people are working overseas. I am certainly not working for an American company, but there is still no change in the meaning of working in the US.

 Be careful with working VISA

In the case of the spouse visa just mentioned, you are allowed to be in the country as a spouse, so you can find a job there. However, if you go to the United States in the form of a secondment, you will get a work visa and stay in the United States.
A working visa is a visa for working at the company, and just because you have a working visa does not mean you can work at any company. Therefore, if you take a work visa and go to the United States and want to change to another company in the United States, you need to get a new visa. Just because you have a work visa doesn’t mean you can change jobs without permission.

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Get a job in USA

 It’s difficult!!

If you want to work in the United States, this is the way everyone thinks, but the most challenging way is to get a job at an American company. Certainly, recently there are cross-border job change websites, so if you check them, it may seem that you can easily find a job. However, finding a job in an American company can be difficult.

 It requires some certain level of English

In addition, when you work in the United States, you need a very high level of English. That is because English is a second language for Japanese people, especially in Japan, an island country, and it is highly acclaimed to be able to speak a little. English is natural to speak, and when you work in the United States, you need a very high level of English.
In addition, American companies are not willing to be able to speak English because they are willing to issue work visas and employ Japanese. It is the same for any country, but in order to hire a foreigner, for example, the language of that country, expertise, or something else is required. Especially for Japanese people, Japanese can be useful, so if you want to work for an American company, you might want to look for a company that emphasizes Japanese.
However, there are times when recruitment of employees of Japanese restaurants is often done, but caution is necessary because a visa will not be issued to that extent. Certainly, job hunting websites also include recruitment of Japanese tour conductors, but let’s take these as advertisements for Japanese people living in the United States.

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Have a big dream!!

Certainly, it is difficult for Japanese people to get a job in the United States, and recently the problem of unemployment has become more serious in the United States, especially after President Trump took office. The situation is changing as immigrants already living in Los Angeles lose their jobs. As before, it may not be like “the United States of immigrants”.
At the same time, however, unemployment and pension issues are becoming more serious in Japan. It has been said that if you live in Japan and don’t pay for 25 years, you won’t get a pension, but now it’s becoming a mystery whether you can get the pension. That’s why you may have a big dream, not a safe or conservative path.

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