What is Highly-Skilled Foreign Human Resources? What They can Do?

From May 7, 2012, the Ministry of Justice introduced a system that provides preferential treatment for immigration control using the point system in order to encourage the acceptance of highly-skilled foreign human resources. It’s basically unrelated to Japanese people, so it’s a system that doesn’t come to mind. Here, I would like to talk about the highly specialized human resources.

What is highly-skilled foreign human resources?

 The purpose of its system

In these days of globalization, various people are coming and going between various countries. In recent years, it has become commonplace to work overseas. Under such circumstances, “high-quality human resources who have a complementary relationship with domestic capital and labor and cannot be replaced” “Innovate in Japanese industry and professional and technical labor market through friendly competition with Japanese people This point system is in order to actively accept “human resources who are expected to promote the development of Japan and improve the efficiency of Japan’s labor market” (report of the Council for Promotion of Advanced Human Resources Acceptance on May 29, 2009). started.

 What those people do

The people sought here are based on contracts with Japanese universities and research institutes, doing research and education, or working in the fields of natural sciences and humanities that require knowledge and skills. It refers to the people who manage and manage the business. It has been decided to divide such people into items such as educational background, work history, annual income, research achievements, calculate points, and give preferential treatment when the total points reach a certain number of 70 points.

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What kind of priorities they will get?

 About to stay in Japan

What kind of incentives can be obtained from highly-skilled human resources who are considered to bring benefits to Japan? First of all, as in any country, foreigners are active with one recognized status of residence. However, highly-skilled foreign personnel can carry out activities related to multiple statuses of residence, such as running related businesses while studying at a university.
In addition, the maximum legal period of stay is 5 years. There are three types of stays, one year, three years, and five years, which need to be renewed. Also, each renewal costs money, but if you can get the legal maximum period of stay of 5 years, you will naturally reduce your expenses and labor.
Furthermore, as a general rule, you cannot apply for permanent residence unless you have lived in Japan for 10 years or more, but if you have been active as a highly-skilled foreigner for one year, or if you have 80 points or more, you will be able to apply for permanent residence. It is possible to apply for. Until now, it was possible to apply for the first time after working for 3 years, but the measures have been relaxed from 2017.

 Families can also use the advantages of this system

In addition, spouses of highly-skilled foreign workers will also be able to work in Japan. Even if you do not have enough educational background or work experience, you can stay and work in Japan.
Also, foreigners working in Japan cannot accept parents in Japan, but if highly-skilled foreign personnel or their spouses raise children under the age of 7, or if they are pregnant spouses or pregnant. If you cancel the highly-skilled foreign personnel, you will be able to accept your parents.
And, limited to certain requirements, it is permissible to accompany a foreign domestic servant. However, there are high requirements for this, such as an annual household income of 10 million yen or more and a monthly remuneration of 200,000 yen or more for domestic employees.

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About procedures

 Application for issuance of Certificate of Eligibility

First of all, you need a certain qualification certificate to enter Japan. At the window of the Regional Immigration Bureau, apply for the issuance of a Certificate of Eligibility, and at that time, submit the point calculation table and materials to prove the points. After that, the suitability for entering Japan will be examined, and then the Certificate of Eligibility will be issued.
After the certificate of status of residence is issued in Japan, you will be able to stay in Japan by going to the Japanese embassy in your country, presenting the certificate and receiving a visa.

 Application for permission to change status of residence and application for permission to renew period of stay

This procedure is required if you want to be recognized as a highly-skilled foreigner. After applying at the window of the Regional Immigration Bureau, you must be active as a highly-skilled foreigner in Japan, the point calculation result is 70 points or more, and there is no problem with your residence status. The examination will be conducted based on this. If it is recognized that the necessary requirements are met, the status of residence or the period of stay will be changed.

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You should be interested in your own countries, too

If you live in Japan as a Japanese, it is not strange that foreigners who come to Japan do not know at all the visas and qualifications required to stay in Japan. This is because it has nothing to do with Japanese people living in Japan.
However, it is necessary to have some knowledge about what kind of activities foreigners entering Japan are doing and what kind of visa is required. It would be nice to know just the important things about how the system for accepting foreigners is.

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