Marriage Life with Peruvian 2: Grow Up! Japanese Men!

Hello everyone! I’m in my 20s Japanese girl who married a Peruvian man. I have experienced “friendship-lovership relationships” with men from various countries. The more I know, the more I am interested in about different countries, and I have been able to experience pleasant relationships with friends and boyfriends in six countries before long (● ωω `●). Until then, I was in love with only Japanese men, but ever since I started dating with foreigners, I can’t go back to Japanese… By getting to know a  French guy, I came to attracted to foreign men than Japanese men (‘· Ω · `) It is a story before I still get to know my husband (‘▽ `)

Handkerchief of sweet French

One cold night.
I was joining the international party with foreigners and Japanese.
My friend invited me there.
I made sure she knows I can’t speak English and she said it’s not a problem at all.
Then I joined there… and realized several foreigners were talking to girls and were having fun.
My friend left me behind because she wanted to get us beverages…
“F… I’m nervous”
I didn’t know what to do, and just kept grabbing my handbag.

 A face of sculpture

My friend took the French guys, Paul and Alan.
Both had faces as if they were sculptures.
Alan was so friendly and Paul was quieter than Alan.
My friend got along with Alan and they had a nice conversation… as if Paul and I were invisible.
I was looking at my friend and Alan… then Paul suggested to sit down.
OMG He was sweet.
“Let’s sit outside because it’s so loud inside here.”

 Ladies first! Sweet French

Paul casually opened the door quickly and escorted me (> _ <)
In my heart, “Oh! He opened the door! A guy I’ve seen in foreign films!”
When I tried to sit in an outside chair while thinking …
Paul took out his handkerchief from his pocket and laid it where I could sit.
He looked so natural doing that…(∩ ∀ `) ∩
On the other hand, I was a little confused because I had never been done (I got stuck in a position like an invisible chair for a few seconds …)
Paul continued being sweet and cool.
“Please, sit.”…!! (^ ^)”
I sat on a handkerchief laid on a bench with Paul’s kindnessI (* Д `)
Paul stared at me strangely when I was smiling as I was so happy!!
“What happened?” He must have wondered why I was smiling that strangely.
? (‘· Ω · `)?

 Never seen that sweet attitude from Japanese guys

After that, Paul was smiling when I told him you can never expect this from a Japanese man (; · · ·)
“France respects ladies first!”
A feature like a sculpture smiled on me
After that, we talked about the cultures, had alcohol, and spent a wonderful time (* ‘艸 `)

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Ladies first? Why not!?

There are many “lady first” responses when you interact with foreigners (* Д `)
(And often I get puzzled as it was so sweet…)
But every time I get a “lady-first” response, I think that’s so sweet … I think attracted to foreign men after that … (‘· ω · `)
When I think of his words, “Japanese men can’t do it”, I thought that Japanese men did not seem to see much lady-first behavior, probably because they felt shy about women.
However, it is only Japanese that there is a telepathic culture, such as being aware that they are not saying anything and being able to act or being able to understand even if the number of words is small (∩ ‘∀ `) ∩ ☆
There is a culture that reads air from each other because there is a thing that I do not say clearly NO !! (* з `)

 OK, Japanese, listen to me

Let’s assume a Japanese male with telepathy can take a more lady-first action on women (・ · ω · `)
As usual, if you can act as a gentlemanly lady-first for women while reading the air.
Who is the country’s most female country in the world?
If there is a questionnaire called
I think Japan will be able to win an impressive first place (* ‘∀‘)
Imagine telepathy Japanese men evolving to lady first telepathy Japanese men (* ‘Д `)

Marriage Life with Peruvian 2: Grow Up! Japanese Men!


For Japanese guys who can’t ACT

If you are about to eat a crab with a woman.
・ It is enough if you arrive too early! Let’s arrive early (∩ ∀ `) ∩
(Having women wait is not acceptable(> _ <))
・ Open the door and escort at the store
(If there is a coat, it will be smart if you deposit from the women’s coat first ☆)
(Let the woman walk first (^ ^) /)
・ If a woman has a beautiful nail
(Feel the nails of women) ← There are many men who are unaware.
(It catches with telepathy in order to order an easy-to-eat one with painless nails)
(Let’s order after hearing the condition of the stomach, etc.)
・ The crab is carried and eats.
(I take a shell of the part of the hard nails) ← I bite with my teeth and I cut it, though! Lol
(I will share the food)
(A clean towel that has always been clean so you can clean your hands and things that need to be replaced with finger balls can also be caught by telepathy!)
The first time I saw a finger ball on a trip to Singapore, I had a drink with the water that I was supposed to wash my hands with a friend saying, “I’m a cup of Singapore cup!”
・ If you send a woman …
(Escort casually as men walk on the roadside)
When women enter the house, they should think from the heart that “it was fun today” (* 艸 `)
Because I’m dating a lady first telepathy Japanese man (* ‘▽ `*)!

 If you were with foreign girls?

A woman who is smart escorted and praised is delighted while smiling and smiling. If a foreign woman is a partner for a date, I think you may feel attractive while saying “wow !!

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Japanese men! Let’s evolve here now!
so! For example, it is like a lizard from a lizard in a Pokemon place (∩ ∀ `) ∩
Japanese men who want to evolve by Lady first correspondence from today! !
Let’s evolve into a hot, gentle man!
Women’s heart … please burn (* no ω no)
Such I feel like I evolved into a huge body again with beer in Motsunabe yesterday although I ate Peruvian food too much and was 10 kg in a year, but … (* Д Д`)

Then, this hedon (● ‘ω `●)
Thank you for reading (^ ^) /

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