Food Culture In Australia!! Japanese Restaurant Doesn’t Have Japanese People!?

It’s been about five years since I started living in Australia. I have lived in Japan for 24 years since I was born, so I love Japanese food. Therefore, I often go to Japanese restaurants in Australia, and of course I eat Japanese food at home. Many Australians are obese, and it is clearer than looking at the fire that the Australian and Japanese diets are different. I will tell you specifically what is different.

Australian food culture

 Australia doesn’t have food which represents them

Speaking of Japan, there are typical foods such as sushi. Many people may think of America as a hamburger and Germany as a sausage. But I don’t think Australia has food that represents such a country.
Is it kangaroo meat if you force it? Kangaroos are certainly loved in Australia, but they are eaten as kangaroo meat because there are too many kangaroos. The color is red-black, it has a slight odor, and it still has a fairly light taste.

 Main food is bread

Bread is the staple food. Meat is also often eaten. Meat is sold cheaply and is easier to get than in Japan. Australians often eat chicken.
Even though it is called chicken, processed teriyaki-style chicken and high-calorie chicken with plenty of sauce are often eaten. Seafood is very expensive in Australia, about three times as expensive as in Japan. Recently, the number of people who eat raw fish has finally increased due to the influence of sushi restaurants. However, fish like tuna cannot be eaten raw. In the first place, lean fish are not popular because they look like blood.

 Quantity of shopping

In Australia, many people buy in large quantities, such as once a week, rather than going shopping often. Instead of carrying them in a basket as in Japan, we put the products directly in a large cart and carry them to the cash register. So most people go by car when they come to shop. It may be easier to imagine if you think of Costco.
Kentucky Fried Chicken will be cheaper on Tuesdays, so drive-throughs and stores will be full of customers. Fast food is also popular. I like to eat bread and meat with high calories like this, and I eat a lot of food as a whole, so I can’t say that my eating habits are healthy.

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Japanese restaurant in Australia

 They are not run by Japanese

There are Japanese restaurants all over the world, but at least here in Australia, I don’t think there are many Japanese restaurants. There are Japanese restaurants themselves, but most of them are run by Chinese or Koreans. Foreign-owned Japanese restaurants are often different from what I am Japanese.
The price itself is not much different between foreign-owned Japanese restaurants and Japanese-owned Japanese restaurants, but Japanese-owned restaurants may be a little more expensive.
The big difference is that the sushi rice used in sushi is too hot, and the conveyor belt sushi is made with takoyaki. Even though Japanese food is made for Australians, sushi rolls may contain fried chicken or pork cutlet. Recently, such creative sushi has come to be seen in Japan, but it cannot be said that there are many.

 Quantity is important

It is conscious that the food served in Japan is elegant and looks good.
However, in Australia, I feel that there is a tendency for people to prefer something that is voluminous and has a strong taste. Therefore, when I want to eat Japanese food, I go to a Japanese restaurant run by a Japanese person. When I, a Japanese person, come to the store, they will properly adjust the taste for Japanese people. Australians do not choose the owner of a Japanese restaurant, but prefer a Japanese restaurant that does what they like. Speaking of course, it is natural, but if you like the greasy and strong taste, go to a Japanese restaurant of foreigners, and if you think that the taste is light and elegant, go to a Japanese restaurant.

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Australian people like to gather up

Australians like to get together in large numbers. On weekends, you can have a drink at night and spend some time dancing, or you can go to the bar and have a quick conversation with strangers and have a drink together. Many beaches and parks have barbecue stands, and there are many daytime barbecues. Of course, anyone can use it for free.
In this way, I feel that Australians tend to enjoy the time they eat together, rather than enjoying the look and taste of food as they do in Japan.

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