Is It True Many Korean Women Gets Plastic Surgery!? Korea Is The Empire Of Plastic Surgery!!

I have lived in Australia for about 5 years with my Korean husband. I currently live in Australia, but I once lived in South Korea for a year. At that time, I had the opportunity to learn about the inside of Koreans, so I would like to talk about that. By the way, her husband does not have plastic surgery. He has a clean single eyelid, a low nose, and a chubby body. He has a personality that doesn’t care about appearance.

Gangnam, a town famous for plastic surgery

 Not many people have experienced plastic surgery!?

South Korea is said to be a plastic surgery powerhouse, but I think that there are not so many people doing plastic surgery, but it may be more than Japan. Recently, plastic surgery has become familiar in Japan, hasn’t it? Therefore, the existence of the person who is doing plastic surgery may not be so public.
There is a place called Gangnam in Seoul, which is famous for sightseeing and plastic surgery at the same time. I would like to share my experience here.

 Plastic surgery has citizenship

When I first visited Gangnam for sightseeing, there were advertisements for cosmetic surgery at the station, and there were signs on buildings, etc., and I saw many advertisements and signs. I often see people with swollen eyes and bandages on their faces, and some young women walk with what appears to be their mother.
I still remember being shocked that my parents were officially certified because they were doing plastic surgery so publicly.

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Double eyelid surgery is not “plastic surgery”!?

 Let’s do doubled eyelid surgery!

My husband is Korean, so of course I have lived in Korea longer than I do. Her husband said that double eyelids for single and double eyelids are not part of plastic surgery. The point is that making double eyelids is like putting on makeup, and it is done with a light feeling.
An acquaintance of a Korean woman in her thirties said she doubled her eyes when she was in high school. She really seems to be that much, but she seems to have many people who want to do plastic surgery many times, not just once she does it. So, it’s not an exaggeration to say that 70% of people who have a clearly good style, big breasts, a small face and a patchy double, etc. are shaping at least some parts.

 Many people want to do it for their nose!!

Many Koreans want to have their nose shaped. Many people have a complex on the lower end, especially men who are worried about their nose.
I think it is unbalanced for Asians to have a high nose, but it seems that they should have a high nose. Therefore, we often see men with unusually high noses.

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Damage of plastic surgery

 Different face from ID

Cosmetic surgery in South Korea is cheap and there are many good doctors, so it seems that the number of Chinese customers is increasing recently. A Chinese acquaintance worked as an interpreter at a cosmetic surgery hospital while attending a Korean university.
It seems that he has been told that his face is different from the photo in his passport because he has undergone plastic surgery. It’s true that plastic surgery changes the look of your face, so it can’t be helped if you say it’s a different face. In order to prevent such problems, foreigners are asked to issue a certificate from the hospital when plastic surgery is performed.
I’m not sure how the plastic surgery costs in Japan and Korea are different. However, because prices are low in South Korea, plastic surgery costs in South Korea may be reasonable.

 Your face gets older quickly!?

I often hear that plastic surgery deteriorates after a few years, but I don’t know the truth about it. This is because people who continue to have plastic surgery will continue to have plastic surgery regardless of their age, so I think they will continue to do so regardless of deterioration. The Korean acquaintance I talked about earlier has been 13 years since he doubled his eyes, but it looks so natural that he doesn’t know that he has plastic surgery. Of course, there are some people who are originally beautiful. There are many women who do not have plastic surgery, and many have single eyelids.





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