If You Live in Japan, You’d Miss Japanese Stationary and Cosmetics!! Those You Cannot Get in Other Places…

It’s hard to notice when you’re in Japan, but when you’re abroad, there are many things that you think are “this is made in Japan” and “this product is popular.” Here are some Japanese products that you will miss when you are overseas.

Beauty and hygiene products

Japanese facial cleansers and lotions are also popular overseas. For example, Japanese shampoos, conditioners, treatments and antiperspirants are often sold. Eternity

 If you buy it locally, the price may be double…

Of course, if you try to buy sanitary goods overseas that you can buy for 1,000 yen overseas, it will cost more than twice as much. There are people who buy Japanese products locally, but it is also true that Japanese people are reluctant to buy hygiene products at prices that are many times higher than their own.
Japanese products are also popular for shampoos and conditioners. If it is made in Japan, the scent will not be too strong and it is safe. Especially in America and Europe, there are many people whose hair quality is different from Japanese.

 Do not forget sanitary products

It is an essential product for women, but Japanese sanitary products are also popular. In particular, in some countries, tampon is more common than napkin, so it is difficult for Japanese people who are used to napkin.
In some countries, the night size is small. In Japan, 40 centimeters and 42 centimeters are common, but overseas, such as 28 centimeters, the size that seems too small for Japanese people may be the largest.

 Take it homestay!

When junior and senior high school girls go to homestay, it is better to bring sanitary products as much as possible. Especially in the case of teenagers, the menstrual cycle may be irregular, and the menstrual cycle may change due to stress in an unfamiliar environment such as homestay. In addition, troubles may occur with napkins that are not familiar to you, so it is better to bring a napkin when going to a homestay. Especially for night use.

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Stationary, office supplies

Japanese stationery is of high quality and popular overseas. If you go to the USA or Canada in particular, you won’t find stationery like Japan. If you want to buy a pen in the US that you can buy in Japan for less than 100 yen, you will have to pay three to four times that price.

 Also a souvenir

Also popular are the lame pens and scented pens that are popular among Japanese high school girls. Of course, these also cost several hundred yen per bottle, so it would be expensive to buy Japanese products overseas. Rather, if you need souvenirs when you go abroad, you can use such a stationery.

 Paper products have a different texture

Not only stationery, but also paper products such as notebooks and files and items that organize them are popular in Japan. For example, because the size of paper such as B5 and A4 in Japan is different in Japan, I do not see many Japanese-made notes and files, but in Asia, I use the same size, so I often see Japanese-made.
People tend to think that paper and files are all the same, but in fact they are completely different.

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Moment you would be proud of Japan

What do you think. As for Japanese products, automobiles and electrical appliances are famous all over the world, but there are many other great products. Therefore, Japanese products can be found all over the world. Japanese products have earned a high level of trust due to their high quality.

When you buy something, if you don’t know which manufacturer is good, there are times when you choose which country is making it in the end. I am proud of a country where foreigners say that Japanese-made products are good and Japanese-made products are not betrayed.

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