Can I Get Permanent Residential VISA If I Marry Foreigners? How Do I Do That?

As globalization progresses, more and more people are marrying foreigners. Some people marry a foreigner and live abroad, while others live in Japan. However, in order to marry a foreigner and live in Japan, you must obtain a visa for the other person. Here, we will talk about permanent residence and visas for international marriage.

Marriage and VISA is a different problems

 Marriage wouldn’t allow you to stay in their countries without any restrictions

In general, you may have the image that you can live together once you enroll. However, this is not the case with international marriages. No matter how much foreigners get married, not a little one of them will live abroad in order for them to live together. Therefore, the person has to apply for a visa to live abroad.

The same applies when living in Japan. If you want to marry a foreigner and live in Japan, the foreigner must obtain a spouse visa, permanent resident visa, or permanent resident visa to live in Japan. If you do not get this, you will not be able to live in Japan no matter how much you enroll.

By the way, I am also married internationally. Now that I live in a place that is neither my country of origin nor my husband’s country of origin, the whole family is getting a visa.

 VISA and nationalities are different, too

When I got married to my husband, I was often asked by people around me, “Will my nationality change?” In fact, many people mistakenly think that if they get married internationally, they can live in the other country unconditionally and can acquire the nationality of the other country unconditionally.

However, as I mentioned earlier, having an international marriage does not mean that you can live unconditionally in the other country, and of course, that you cannot acquire nationality. There are various rules for acquiring nationality in the world such as pedigree and jus soli, but in order to acquire foreign nationality, you are basically born to parents who have the nationality of that country, and you are born in that country. You have to be. You cannot acquire foreign nationality just by marrying a foreigner.

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What kind of VISA foreigners get if they marry Japanese?

 Spouse VISA

There are three types of visas that foreigners can obtain when they marry a Japanese person: spouse visa, permanent resident visa, and permanent resident visa.

A spouse visa is the first visa that a person married to a Japanese person should apply for, but just because he or she is married to a Japanese person does not mean that he or she is automatically granted. You have to prepare a lot of necessary documents, attach materials related to dating history and stable income, and go to the Immigration Bureau to apply.

If you are originally studying in Japan or working in Japan, or if you have been married to a Japanese person and have a spouse visa period remaining, you only need to change your status of residence, so the procedure is completed in Japan. To do.

If a person living in a foreign country marries a Japanese person and starts living in Japan, first come to Japan, apply for a Certificate of Eligibility at the Immigration Bureau in Japan, and bring it to Japan in your home country. Apply for a visa at the national embassy. Therefore, you have to come to Japan once.

 Permanent resident VISA

If you have been married for more than 3 years and have lived in Japan for the last year or more, you can apply for a permanent resident visa. For example, just because you have been married and have lived abroad for three years and have returned to Japan does not mean that you can apply immediately.

Spouse visas require renewal every 1, 3, or 5 years, but permanent resident visas do not. You can go to school like Japanese people, and it will be advantageous for you to get a job or change jobs. Loans and other loans will be easier to obtain, and even if you divorce a Japanese person, you will still be able to live in Japan.

 Regular staying VISA

A resident visa is defined as “a person who is granted residence by the Minister of Justice by designating a certain period of stay in consideration of special reasons.” Specifically, you can apply for a settlement right if a Nikkei up to the third generation, a child of a foreigner who married a Japanese, or a foreigner who divorced a Japanese still lives in Japan after the divorce.

Of the three visas, resident visas are said to be the most complicated to apply due to the variety of cases. Therefore, if you are considering applying for a permanent resident visa, it is better to consult with an office such as a government office or an administrative scrivener instead of listening to an experienced person.

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Conditions to get permanent residential VISA

 How many years they live in Japan

In order to obtain a permanent resident visa, it is important how many years you have lived in Japan. For example, if you are married to a Japanese person, have a spouse visa, and live in Japan, you must have been married for at least 3 years and have lived in Japan for the last year or more. ..

Also, if you live in Japan with a resident visa after marrying a Japanese person, it is important to share it with Japan for at least 5 years. Otherwise, you will not be able to apply for a permanent resident visa unless you have lived in Japan for more than 10 years.

 Whether you have stable income

Stable income is important for living. Even if the person who wants to apply for a permanent resident visa does not have a stable income, if the spouse who supports the person has a stable income or the parents living together have a stable income, the probability of obtaining permanent residence increases.

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Ask for professionals’ helps if you need one

Since visa application is really case by case, there is a problem that there is no template. When a person who is married to a Japanese person gets a visa, for example, what to do if he / she is just unemployed at that time, what to do if the age difference is different, what to do if he / she is married and has lived in a different country until now. The required documents really differ depending on the person.

Therefore, it is also important to get the help of an expert, such as consulting with an administrative scrivener if necessary. Especially when you meet at a dating agency, if your foreign spouse has divorced a Japanese person in the past, or if your age difference is 15 years or older, it is said that it is safer to leave it to an expert. is.

The advantage is that if you leave it to an expert, you will be able to do all the time-consuming and costly tasks such as document preparation and application. You don’t have to go to the Immigration Bureau many times, and if you discuss your case from the beginning, you will be told what kind of documents you may need, so by the time you get a visa. You don’t have to worry about taking time. Also, even if you are busy with work and do not have time to look up necessary documents, it is safe to leave it to an administrative scrivener.

It’s important to do some research on your own, but getting a visa is complicated, so it might be a good idea to consider the option of getting the help of an expert if necessary.

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