How NOT To Fight With Korean Husband? How To Overcome The Problem Of Our History?

I live in Australia. I came to Australia on a working holiday about 5 years ago. She is currently married to a Korean husband and lives in Australia. I have lived with her husband for about 5 years and have rarely quarreled. I would like to talk about us for some reason.

Country of Korea

 No keys!!

When I first went to my husband’s parents’ house, I was shocked by the culture. First of all, I didn’t have the key in my house. Each door has a key box for you to enter your PIN, and you can enter your PIN to enter the house.
However, I wondered if only my family knew the PIN, and even my husband’s childhood friend knew it. It’s a surprise, isn’t it? It’s the same as giving her childhood friend the key to her house.

 Shower room and toilet

Since Korea has a small land area, there are many apartments instead of single-family homes. Often there is no bathtub in the house, only a shower. Moreover, it is shared with the toilet. Next to the toilet was a box containing toilet paper. Because the drainage pipes in South Korea are thin and easily clogged, the used toilet paper is thrown away in a box without being washed away.

 Cars or public transportation

As for cars, there are really many street parkings. I was very surprised at how I decided the place. If it is a tourist spot, it is maintained as it is, but if it is a local area, garbage is scattered. The road was narrow and sometimes the bus passed to the side of my body. Many people drive hard, and even if they sit on the bus, their bodies are shaken.
When it comes to trains, goods are sold in the train. I bought a cheap selfie stick from the uncle, but I couldn’t use it even though I wanted to use it afterwards. In other words, it’s a defective product. Of course I can’t complain because it’s after getting off the train.
Also, in Japan, there is an atmosphere that the inside of the train must be quiet, but on Korean trains, I even saw people calling normally.
Also, when you go to sightseeing spots, you will see only restaurants with tables and chairs, but in the local area, there are many types of restaurants where you sit on the floor and eat at the table.

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What kind of society Korea has

 Hierarchical society

First of all, Korean society has a very strict vertical connection, that is, a hierarchical relationship. And the horizontal connection is wide. This may be a little different from the Japanese.
Some of my boss’s words are like absolute obedience. The same is true for parents.

 Phone call to make sure your loved ones are okay

We live far away, but we have a video chat with my husband’s parents once a week, mainly on weekends. It’s a safety call.
I don’t even contact my parents often, so I feel very often once a week. I’m not a kid, so I don’t want to check my safety once a week! ,I think. I even wonder what it would be like to live in the same country.
He cares about his own parents so much that he cares about my parents as well as his own, which I am very grateful for. Korean parents were also worried about their children, and when they moved, they sometimes sent me money to celebrate their move.

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