Don’t be Obsessed with Your Boyfriends!! You Have to Enjoy Your Own Time

If you think of your boyfriends in other countries, might wonder they are doing. It is important to contact them frequently even though you live in different countries, and in these years you can use SNS such as LINE, Skype or Facebook. However, still having boyfriends in different countries is not that easy and I guess several girls in Japan wonder how others are doing. Maybe your boyfriends don’t contact you that often now and you might wonder why. Maybe time is all might be one of the reason. You might want to watch they are doing and you might miss them a lot. Are used to have a boyfriend in Germany. I will introduce you my experience with him.

Don’t be obsessed with your boyfriends’ contacts!!

Even though you want to see your boyfriends, it doesn’t mean you can’t do it right away because you live in the different place. However, waiting for his contact whole day is just exhausting.

 Maybe you’re emotionally tired

Maybe you might be wondering why your boyfriends don’t get back to you and I used to be like that as well. I was always thinking about him.

 Your boyfriend loves you smiling

One day, he said he is happy to see me being happy. This actually made me wake up. Even though I kept missing him it doesn’t mean that he can’t be happy. Afterwards I tried to enjoy my own time then I think that was a ball the turning point my boyfriend started contacting me.

My boyfriend wanted to see me being happy. So I tried to enjoy my time even though I couldn’t contact him and I couldn’t see him. If I enjoyed my own time, I had more to talk about when I was talking to him and he was actually happy to hear that.

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You have to tell him how you feel

Moreover, does he understand your feeling truly? What I mean is, even though you spent years as a married couple is, you might not understand what your partner is thinking. You have to say what bugs you. It is same for international relationship as well. You have to tell him how you feel and what you want him to do.

 How to change his attitudes

I told him I wanted to do Skype once in a week, it would make me very happy if he contacts me even though it’s just hi. I tried to be specific as much as possible. Then he was changed. He understood what I was feeling so I learned it is important to tell him what you want him to do.

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Don’t keep calling him or keep texting him

Even though you love him, maybe you’ll feel far away from him and you might wonder if she loves you. Haven’t you ever kept contacting him or kept calling him once you are obsessed with that? This behavior made him exhausted and it could cause the broken up.

 You have to believe in him

You have to have the capacity to be able to let him be himself. Sometimes we didn’t contact each other and maybe I didn’t contact him for two weeks. I was nervous, of course, but because he couldn’t contact me as he was in the countryside without any Wi-Fi. So if you feel nervous for your boyfriend, you should just believe yourself loving him.

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Everything will be alright

International relationship needs to deal with his time zone, geography and difference of lifestyle. You speak different languages and it is not easy to maintain the relationship. However, if you understand that difficulty, you will be able to maintain your love.

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