What is Specialty in Belgium? Beer, Waffles, Chocolate!!

Speaking of Belgium, some people think of beer, waffles and chocolate. In fact, Belgian beer, Belgian waffles and Belgian chocolate are also famous in Japan. Here’s how beer, waffles, and chocolate are loved in Belgium.

Drink beer from noon

In Japan, you may think that beer is something you drink at night. In fact, many izakayas open only in the evening, so there is no sense of drinking beer from the daytime.

 Beer instead of coffee

In Belgium it is rather common that beer comes with lunch, or wine instead of beer. In other words, there is less resistance to drinking alcohol from daytime than in Japan. For example, when you go to Brussels, you can see many people enjoying a beer while meeting. Or you can see that the elderly are happily gathering together while drinking beer. In Japan, beer is loved as if you were drinking coffee.

 Know the amount of beer you can drink

Of course, beer is alcohol, so you need to be careful about how much you drink. For example, overdrinking is prohibited in business situations. It is important not to drink until you get drunk, but to drink beer to enjoy it.
Belgian beer may have a higher alcohol content than Japanese beer, so you can’t drink it as you would in Japan. Sometimes you get drunk enough with a 350ml bottle. So if you want to enjoy beer in Belgium, you need to know how much beer you can drink and how much alcohol you can consume.

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How to eat waffles depends on the region

Famous waffles in Belgium are eaten differently depending on the region. For example, some areas have fresh cream, some have cherry sauce and chocolate cream, and others have simple powder sugar.

 Be careful with food stalls

If you go to Brussels, there are many stalls selling waffles. In Brussels, waffles with lots of fresh cream and fruit are popular, but those who go on a summer trip need a little caution. Be careful if you are hungry because it is not stored in a refrigerator.

 Belgian waffles are also popular as souvenirs

Taking beer from Belgium is hard, but waffles are easy to take home as a souvenir. In tourist destinations in Brussels and Antwerp, waffles are sold in large quantities and can easily be taken home in suitcases.
The waffles on sale range from plain to chocolate and honey. A popular way to eat is to warm it a little with a toaster and put it on a cream or use a sauce at home.

 Waffles are also sold at supermarkets

Waffles may be sold at local supermarkets. It is not uncommon to find a stall at the entrance of the supermarket where waffles are made and sold on the spot.
Freshly prepared waffles have their own delicious taste, and the taste changes depending on whether they are in the package sold at the store or already creamed. When you go on a trip, you may not go to a local supermarket, but if you have the opportunity, you should go.

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Chocolate is so cheap!!

Speaking of Belgian chocolate, there are many people who have the image of going around on Valentine’s Day.

 Chocolate is popular in Belgium

Belgian chocolate may have somehow high image. Although it is natural because it is an imported product, you may think that Belgian chocolate is not a luxury product and something that can be eaten daily, but in Belgium, Belgian chocolate is very cheap.
Japanese Meiji chocolate is a luxury product if you go abroad. Still, it is a simple chocolate that can be eaten for about 100 yen in Japan. The same goes for Belgian chocolate. If you go to Belgium, the price will be cheap and you can eat it as a daily snack.

 Eat with coffee

There are many people who like to eat with coffee as a way to eat chocolate. It means eating bitter chocolate and sweet chocolate together. Certainly, there are coffees with chocolate sauce, so this combination seems to be delicious.
Belgian chocolates come in a variety of flavors. From black chocolate to milk chocolate and chocolate with nuts, it has a variety of flavors that are acceptable in Japan, and it is never too sweet.

There may be some people who can’t eat American chocolate because it’s too sweet and too sweet, or the peanut butter cream in chocolate is too sweet, but Belgian chocolate isn’t too sweet It seems to be easy for Japanese people to eat.

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Enjoy the local way

Even just beer, waffles, and chocolate, they still have different characteristics from Japan. Especially for beer, do not drink until you get drunk with the same feeling as in Japan. If you don’t have any problem with the environment, you can get drunk. If you want to drink beer in Belgium, you might be embarrassed if you don’t drink with TPO.
Waffles and chocolates can be easily purchased as souvenirs. If you try to buy it at a tourist spot, the price will rise.

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