Canadian Apartments Have Furniture Already!? Their Rent is So Cheap!!

Recently, many Japanese people have come to live overseas. In addition to travel and business, there may be people who will stay for a long time for various reasons such as studying abroad or working holiday. However, even travelers and international students may not be able to experience anything in their lives. It is a rental issue.
Long-term stays for studying abroad and working holidays are also the mainstay. I also studied abroad while doing a homestay in Canada. But now I’m working holiday and sharing my room with my Canadian friends. Here are some of the unique rental systems I have experienced in Canada.

Reference (letter of recommendation)?

 Reference presentation

First of all, when renting an apartment or condominium in Canada, there are many things that landlords tell us to present a reference “Reference” during contract negotiations.
This refers to the contact information of the landlord, family, friends, etc. that you have lived up to now. It is for confirmation. In other words, the landlord is trying to reach out to the people you have lived with to see if you are going to cause problems.

 There are many rental troubles

In Japan, you will always be asked for information about your work place, but you have never been asked about your rental status. So I was surprised at first.
However, considering the security of Canada, it seems that there are more rental troubles such as property damage than in Japan. For this reason, landlords are also looking for residents who do not seem to have trouble.

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About facilities

 Room facilities

Canada is the second largest country in the world after Russia. Because the land is vast, even if you rent a 1K or 1DK apartment or apartment, you can use a much larger kitchen than Japan, and there are many items that come with special items such as dishwashers, ovens, refrigerators, etc. . The same applies to rooms for single life.
The size of the refrigerator is not a business hotel size refrigerator. There is a large refrigerator for a general family.


In cold Canada, unit baths are the mainstream, and toilets and bathtubs or toilets and shower rooms are installed in one space.
And unlike Japanese unit baths, the water supply is installed separately. In addition, there is a big mirror, and space is secured so that undressing and morning preparation can be done without cramping.

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 There are washing machines and dryers

In Japan, washing machines and dryers are rarely included in rental properties, but in Canada there are many cases where a washing machine and dryer are included in the property. Some apartments have a shared coin laundry on the lower floor.
In my rental, you can charge money to the “laundry card” and use a washing machine or dryer in the same way as a transportation IC card in Japan.
However, if you leave clothes in a washing machine or dryer for a long time, someone can throw it away or even get stolen. Of course, if you put in clothes in a washing machine or dryer, you have to collect it early.

 Air conditioner and heater

Central heating, where the air-conditioning function of the entire room is directly connected, is common in North American apartments and detached houses such as Canada and the United States. There is only one switch.
For this reason, air-conditioners and heaters are not installed in each room as in Japan, so when the switch is turned on, the entire house is warmed or cooled.

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Finding something new everyday

I experienced Canadian rental and was surprised at the difference from Japanese rental. Because there is a vast land, it is possible to live in a larger space at the same price as you pay in Japan.
There are many things I don’t know about in Canada. It depends on the region, and I can’t say “I know Canada”. I want to have a humble heart and learn new things every day.

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