Make the Time Limit!! How I Managed to Marry a Canadian Guy after Long Distance Relationship!?

Hello. I’m a resident of Canada. In Canada, autumn leaves have begun and it has become a season for human skin to be missed. This time I would like to talk about long-distance international romance. Before I married my Canadian husband, I had a long-distance romance with a 17 hour lag across the Pacific Ocean. So, this time, I would like to talk about 3 points of my long distance romance and my points of long distance romance.

Get in touch every day

 Don’t be afraid to contact

If you’re lovers, you tend to think about “Is you busy now?” “But I’m curious about what he is doing …” Every day, thinking and thinking. I thought a lot and was afraid to contact me. At that time, when I told him honestly that he was worried about contacting him, he responded like this.

“Do you want to spend the future with me? If you want to spend the future with me in the future, you will be with me every day, and if you talk to me who lives with you at that time, I hate it. “Do you live?”

 Let ’s stay close to each other

Certainly, there may be times when his timing is bad and his mood is bad. But if you want to spend the future together, you don’t have to be afraid to get in touch. Let’s talk a lot every day. And the key to close your mind is to decide when you can talk to each other everyday and make it a habit.

Make a time limitation

 Let’s think about the time when two people start living together

Because people are limited, you can work hard toward your goals. Let’s decide the deadline to end the long distance. The difficult part of international distance is when talking about the future. Each other has their own life in each other’s country. However, one or both cannot live together for the rest of their lives unless they give up living in their own country. And women also have a body time limit called childbirth.

If you can, it is recommended that you use a working holiday or study abroad to create a trial period where you can live together for half a year or a year. We also talked many times about which country to live in. I have studied in Canada for a year and have lived with him for half a year, so it was easy to predict what would happen if I lived in Canada. And because he couldn’t speak Japanese at all, it seemed that the option to live in Japan seemed difficult, but once he tried, he used his vacation to live in Japan for a month. Saw.

 Results of living in both countries

After that, they agreed and lived in Canada together, but when they lived in both countries, they understood each other’s culture and family better, and he lived in Japan for only a month. Thanks to you, I think that you understand how difficult and hard it is to live in a foreign country.

Think about when to stop long distance and start living together, focus on what you can do now, such as how much you want to save backwards, what kind of qualifications you want to do, and try to try a little, both countries 2 Try to live together and make your cohabitation and marriage more specific. The uneasy long-distance long-distance romance should turn into a fun one that counts.

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You also need to quarrel at the same time

 Don’t be afraid to speak

If you are in a long-distance relationship, you may not be able to see the other person’s face, so you may be scared and cannot speak. And I can’t say what I want to say, and I tend to accumulate stress.

From my actual experience, I think it’s better to fight and say what I want to say. Since international romance has lovers from different countries and cultures, it is natural that it takes more time than a couple from the same country to understand each other’s values. There are many cases where things that I thought were unexpectedly good could hurt the person.

 Consideration is stressful

As his national qualification exam was approaching, I refrained from contacting him to concentrate on his studies. However, for him, the phone calls and messages that encouraged me supported me, so I was anxious about why I lost contact suddenly, so I couldn’t concentrate on studying. He felt that my feelings were far apart, and the fighting was constantly over, and we started to talk to each other through fighting and feel more compassionate.

If you can’t say what you want to say in long-distance romance, your negative imagination will spread and your relationship with your partner will be awkward. Let’s say what you want to say. Tell the other person what you are unpleasant. In the same way, the important thing is to convey the feeling that you like and that you are happy with the other person.

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Life has 80 years… long distance love isn’t that long!!

The above three points are the secrets to fulfilling international long distance romance from my experience. While you are in a long distance relationship, you are very lonely and want to be close to your partner. However, the joy of meeting for the first time in a long time becomes happiness that cannot be replaced by anything. When thinking of life as 80 years, the long-distance period is really only a short time. In a happy future with a partner, I think that when I was in a long distance relationship, it would be a sweet and sour memory. Let’s be closer than anyone else because of the physical distance.

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