How to Succeed Home-Stay Experience in Other Countries? Host-Family is Very Important!!

Now that studying abroad has become commonplace, high school students and college students can easily study abroad. I also studied in the United States when I was in high school, but just because I studied abroad does not necessarily mean that I have achieved results. The amount of achievement depends on the person. Here, I will focus on high school students studying abroad and talk about ways to make them successful.

Talk to various people

Often, there are those who have studied abroad saying that when they study abroad, they cannot make friends for the first three months. Don’t take this away.

 Friend cannot be made without talking to himself

Overseas high schools are not in the style of sitting in the same classroom all day and taking classes with the same classmates throughout the year, as in Japan, but moving to the teacher’s classroom for each class, classmates every hour are different The style of, is more common. For that reason, friends can never reach without talking to them.
Anxiety about English is something that every international student feels. But if you don’t speak shyly, you won’t be able to make friends. Anyway, it is important to talk to others and learn about yourself.

 I will make an effort to talk to you

Some people may have difficulty talking to you. Of course, if you’re studying abroad, you’ll be in trouble if you can’t speak to yourself, but you may still be embarrassed and want to speak if possible.
If so, let’s devise it so that you can talk more. For example, you can wear a key ring with small items made of origami or make a hair ornament with small items of origami. Overseas, it is relatively easy to call out “The decoration is nice!”, So you can make friends by wearing something that makes you speak.
To do so, you should learn Japanese things so that you can spread the topic. In Japan, you can buy various items at 100 yen shops. One way to make friends is to use accessories that are unique to Japan and do fashion that attracts interest from people around you.

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Choices of classes

If you are in a Japanese high school, the school will determine the courses you have already taken according to the course of study. However, when you go abroad such as the United States, there are many cases where students decide on their own courses. There are tips for deciding courses.

 Tips for selecting classes

If there is a lesson that must be taken, it must be taken. If you have other options, choose the subject that interests you as much as possible. For example, when I first decided on a course, I was encouraged by physical education. I was told that physical education makes it easy to make friends, but in fact, I’m not good at physical education. I’m not good at physical education, so I don’t know well if I’m told that I made friends because I don’t understand the rules well even after taking classes, or I get stuck in the foot even after a game.
Physical education is also a relatively recommended subject. However, if you are aware that you are not good at this, it is also important to choose not to take the course without being disseminated by the opinions of others. It is easier to make friends if you take a class that interests you.

 Insist that you are an international student

Foreign students stand out at high schools in Japan, and teachers themselves exchange information at meetings, so all international students from overseas know. However, this is not the case overseas. In some cases, even if there are Japanese students because of a multi-ethnic country, they may not be recognized at all, and may not be recognized as international students, or teachers themselves may not be aware of international students.
Therefore, introduce yourself to the teachers after selecting a class. It is important to insist that “I am an international student” or “I don’t understand English” because it doesn’t matter for teachers in the class. Some teachers did told me they could give me A as long as I tried.

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Asking for host-family’s help

If the school system is different, you may be confused. You can do it yourself, but if you can’t do it yourself or you don’t know what to do, it’s important to get the help of your host family.

 Talk to your host family about things you don’t understand at school

There are days called open schools overseas. At night, parents gather at the school and talk with their homeroom teacher. In such a case, let your host family also participate. If you are worried about the lessons at school, you can have your host family talk to your homeroom teacher.

 Tell your host family when you go out with friends

Even in dramas, problems in American high schools may be pointed out. For example, it is not impossible to get into trouble as a result of going to a party.
In high school in Japan, when you go out to play with friends, you may not talk to your parents about where to go. However, if you go out with a friend at a study abroad destination, be sure to tell your host family where you are going. Never lie. The host family is obliged to protect you as an international student. Therefore, if you do your own things, your host family cannot protect you.
In particular, who and where to go and when to return are important promises. You may be told a curfew, so be sure to keep your promise. If you get into trouble, it is important to contact your host family immediately.


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Be positive and talk to friends!!

When you go to study abroad, you shouldn’t feel like a Japanese high school. Troubles in particular can be a bigger problem than Japanese high schools, so you need to keep in touch with your host family and keep yourself safe.
Also try to make friends. If you don’t have friends at your study abroad, there is no point in going to study abroad. It’s important to make friends from the day you start your school without believing in the compassionate statement that you have no friends for three months.

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