The Difference Between Canadian School and Japanese School – Canada Respects Characteristics!!

Even though you live in Japan, you can still experience the culture, history or food from other countries. However, there are some certain things you have to go to other countries to experience. Local education system is of course one of them. I have studied in Canada for three years when I was a high school student and I learned a difference between Japanese education and Canadian education. At first, I was puzzled almost every time. I will explain how it was different in Canada.

Canadian schools don’t stick with same classmates whole day!!

Canadian schools don’t have homeroom classes like Japan. It’s like Japanese university systems. You have to go to each classroom every time.

At the end of the school semester, you will be divided by the alphabet of last names and you will receive the report cards.

 Classmates might be useful…

They don’t have homerooms in the morning and at the end of the school. Some people might feel it’s actually better because they may not enjoy homeroom time in Japan but because they don’t have classmates, it’s very difficult to make friends and have broader communications.

Many of them come from the same elementary schools so they already have communities. If you just moved there or if you are exchange students, you might be puzzled in the beginning.

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There are varieties of classes to take

There are more varieties which classes to take at high school in Canada. In Japan, there are also more selections in these days but in Canada, you can choose what you want to learn and what do you learn to be a specialist.

 You can learn WHATEVER!!

For example, you can also choose the class of rock climbing. If you enjoy outdoor sports, this is a great class.

You can also choose French, Spanish, Japanese, Chinese, etc.

fortunately, even though you don’t take Japanese classes, if you take exams decided by the state, you can get credits for Japanese classes.

They’re also the class of cooking, those students were having lunch at Café Terrier as a class.

 You can learn what helps you to learn

There are not only varieties of classes but also several levels. You can choose classes which is suitable for you and that was actually great.

You can think of your future in the class!!

There was an interesting class. It was called “planning”. In this class, you need to think of your future answer it’s what kind of job you want to do, what kind of field do you want to study. You also have to recall what you have accomplished in your life and think of what kind of qualifications you need to get to get what you want to be. This is very interesting class to learn about the world and how to use your skills.

 What you need to do to accomplish your dream?

At high schools in Japan, you are expected to go to universities without thinking what you want to be in the future. On the other hand, in Canada, you can take this class to think of your future before graduating from high school’s so it is easier to think of what you want to do. Also you can start preparing for your future.

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Canadian school respects each characteristics

As such, Canada has introduced different educational system from Japan. You can choose several classes which you want and also they accept several races, characters, and ethnicities.

Each student finds out what he or she wants to do and high school will help them accomplish what you they want to do.

You don’t have to have same uniforms, same haircolor, make up. They don’t judge you by your parents but they respect what you are thinking.

 Canadian school will broaden your views!!

Of course, Japanese educational system has also good points. But if you want to respect your characteristics, why don’t you consider about going to the high schools in Canada? You can have a  great experience there!!

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