Culture Shock I Experienced By Marrying a Chinese 5 – They Ask Japanese to Marry Because They Want Visa to Go to Japan!?

Hello everyone! This is the last section to explain the cultural shocks in Japan and China. In this final installment, I would like to talk about the downsides that Japanese women might feel when dating or marrying Chinese men. Of course, there are individual differences, but if you have a Chinese boyfriend, please refer to it.

They wouldn’t be kind just because you are women

It seems to contradict that “Chinese men are kind to her and his wife”, but Chinese men are not so gentle because they are women like Japanese men. People who are used to the natural tenderness of Japanese men may feel a little cold.

 He didn’t bring my luggage

Japanese men don’t really care if their bags are heavy or heavy, and I think there are a lot of people who bring their luggage on a date. But if you are a Chinese man, you don’t often get a bag.
Chinese men would be frustrated, “Do n’t flirt,” if you do n’t want to have it. To put it a lot, China is “gender equality”, but to put it worse, “There is no special treatment for being a woman”.

There are no women-only vehicles or ladies’ days in China. Japanese men have the kindness of “I want to protect her”, but Chinese men don’t have much sense of “I want to protect her”. I think there are a lot of Chinese men who say, “Let yourself have a light bag”.
People who are used to the gentleness and wrapping of Japanese men may feel that Chinese men feel wild and cold.

 Doesn’t meet much

There are also individual differences depending on the person, but the Chinese basically think that “ It is better to work hard without studying when you are young ”, so much priority is given to study, part-time work, and work. , I often do not contact or meet.
Often reopened as “I’m sorry I couldn’t date so much”, but “I’m studying, I can’t help it because it’s work”. I don’t think I feel sorry for Japanese men.

You should enjoy youth rather than study in college! Compared with young Japanese men who think that Chinese men should be doing their best for the future now, so many Japanese women complain that they want to meet and contact more I think that there.
There was a time when I met my husband, but he never met me at work, but he didn’t say “I’m sorry” without any reflection.

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Their sense of spending money is different

Most Japanese men are decent in money. Japanese men can save money by working hard, keep a good deal with friends and keep their trust, or leave their households with their wives when they get married, and trust Japanese money. But Chinese men are different. It may be said that there is no planning like a Japanese man.

 is natural that my wife also earns money

First of all, a Chinese man thinks that his wife also earns money when he gets married. It can be said that there is nothing that my husband makes money to leave my wife with my household.
Many people spend money without planning. There is not much self-restraint like a Japanese who lives a modest life and saves the money. Chinese men use it if they have it, but don’t think it is bad.

When a Japanese woman marries a Chinese man, she will be amazed at the difference in her sense of money. When I was just married to my husband, I quarreled many times because my husband lent tens of thousands of yen to my friends and bought things without planning.
A Chinese man who thinks, “If you want to use it! If you want to use it, you can earn it again! It will be. If you marry a Chinese man, it may be safe to get married after confirming the rules of money. Many Chinese men don’t spend money.

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They ask girls to marry them because they want visa?

A Japanese woman who was forced to marry immediately after dating a Chinese man would be worried, “Does he want a Japanese visa and are seeking a marriage?” However, this is what I feel to the last, but I think that Chinese men rarely want to marry Japanese women because of the visa they want to live in Japan. Of course not zero, but marriage is not that easy.

 Marriage just for a visa does not last

In Japan, if you don’t have the actual situation of living together after getting married, you will be immediately sent to the Immigration Bureau and your visa will be invalidated. Therefore, foreigners cannot keep their visas for a long time if their marriage is not successful.

I think it is true that some of the Chinese men living in Japan want a visa, but if you get a visa for marriage, the visa will soon be invalid if you do not get along well I know that. And most of all, serious Chinese don’t think marriage is such a sweet thing, so I don’t think it’s a good idea to get a visa alone.

 Getting a marriage visa is difficult

In order to obtain a marriage visa, you must submit evidence to the Immigration Bureau that they are dating. A record of the emails exchanged when they were dating, a photo taken while they were dating, and a document describing the dating of two people who were written by the family around them. If you don’t have this, you will not have a visa, no matter how much you want a Japanese woman to get married without love.

 However, there may be a fake marriage

This isn’t a sure story, but some people appear to be fake marriages through contractors. If a contractor brings a story to a Japanese woman who wants money and there are conditions such as the amount of money, it may be implemented.
However, there are many patterns of Chinese women x Japanese men in this case, and I think there are rare cases of impersonating marriage to young Japanese women. In addition, impersonation marriage is a crime, so I think Chinese people do not try to do as easily as Japanese women think.

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Lucky to be born as a Japanese

I think there is a lot of anxiety when dating him with a Chinese. I wonder if he’s approaching me with a visa, or if he’s going out with me as a status because of the popularity of Japanese women in China, or just want to absorb Japanese from me? There is no limit.

 Same for Japanese people!

However, this is similar for couples between Japanese people. It is often the case that a person with the same nationality is judged positively by evaluating other parts of the person, such as the other person’s work place, educational background, and whether he / she is a family or a rich person. That’s why I think that being born in Japan is part of my goodness and that I don’t have to worry.
If he got married without realizing that he was approaching for his visa and status, not your humanity, is it really his responsibility? I think that it is better to take this responsibility as your own responsibility that you could not see through his nature.

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Make sure each time whenever you feel nervous

As with me, I often endure what I want to say to fight with my husband. If you don’t say anything about money, the other person thinks that it’s okay because you don’t say anything, and you may be doing anything you like without thinking at all.

If you have any dissatisfaction, please tell the Chinese man directly. I think that it is extremely low in the caring and the ability to sense people’s feelings like a Japanese man. I support you as a person involved with the same Chinese man! Please do your best!

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