Want To Get A Part Time Job? What Kind Of Questions I Get At The Interview?

You may want to work part-time while studying abroad. Regulations vary depending on the visa, so you need to know your school visa in the country where you are staying. Please note that if you work illegally, you may need to give up your study in that country.
If you try to work part-time while complying with the regulations, what might be asked during the interview? When I was in graduate school, I worked part-time at a university as a teaching assistant, but I needed to recruit assistants for graduate students at academic conferences, and so on. If you are hiring an international student, you have to check it. Since we knew about them as graduate students, we had only to check them easily, but in general, if you work part-time, you will always be asked in an interview. This section introduces the contents that are checked when international students work part-time in any country.

If they can work legally

 If they work within the certain amount of hours

If you want to work part-time as an international student, you will be checked to see if you can work legally. For example, in some countries there are regulations that only work within hours. And if an international student wants to work part-time, it will be checked to see if they meet the regulations or work within that time.
It will always be checked, especially if you already have another part-time job. If you don’t have a part-time job, you can adjust it, but if you have another part-time job, it is important not to exceed the total time.
For example, international students studying in Japan are allowed to work within 28 hours per week.

 If they have all the documents required

Depending on the country, you may not be able to work part-time with a school visa alone, and you will need a certificate to work part-time. The certificate may be obtained at the so-called municipality, or it may be necessary to apply to the government.
For example, in Japan, international students must obtain permission to work outside the qualification. This is issued by the Immigration Bureau and may be issued as a document or sticker type, but may also be written on the back of the residence card. If it is written on the residence card, it will be written as “Unable to work, Allowed to work” in the section on whether there are restrictions on working.

If they can speak enough languages

 If they speak languages

This was also very important when we recruited part-time students. Of course, depending on the job type, just because you are an international student does not mean that you are studying to speak the language of that country. Surely, after Japanese students going abroad go home, it is unfortunate that they are all able to speak local language.
For example, if you do not need language skills, such as washing dishes in a restaurant kitchen, there will be no problem. However, language skills are important for occupations that need to interact with people. When hiring part-time workers, language skills are always checked through interviews.

 If they have enough communication skills

At the same time, so-called communication skills are checked during the interview. No matter how proficient the language is, if there is a problem such as being unable to speak with the eyes of a person, having a low voice, being too loud, or not listening to a person It may be difficult to get hired.
This also depends on the type of job, but communication skills are also important if the job type has the potential to interact with people. We need not only language skills but also the ability to make full use of the language. In other words, even if your language skills are not enough, you may be employed if you have the ability to interact with people.

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If they can work properly

 You aren’t obsessed with your own way

For example, if you study abroad as a college student and want to work part-time, you will naturally have an ego. Human identity is based on the customs of the country where you were born and raised.
But to work abroad, you have to accept the culture of that country. On the contrary, if you insist only on the way of your country, you will not be part-time. So when hiring a part-time job, you need to be flexible.
You can learn what you don’t know. However, if you try to misunderstand things you don’t understand, or if you are stubbornly trying to stick to your way, you may give a negative impression.

 You’re not just making money

This is not limited to part-time jobs for international students, but the same applies when hiring local students’ part-time jobs. You just don’t make money at work. In particular, when an international student works part-time, you will be allowed to work as a part-time job only if you want to have various experiences.
In fact, there are many international students who do not have to worry about money, such as using a scholarship system. When such a person wants to work part-time, he shouldn’t have a light feeling, such as trying to make money. After all, the people who work there are working seriously, so if you also work part-time, you have to be conscious of working firmly.

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Let’s build good relationship

One of the merits of international students working part-time is that they can build good relationships at work. Certainly, you can earn money if you work part-time, and you can also experience social experiences. But in addition to that, making good friends is another benefit.
Maybe you can make friends with non-university students. It may be a good idea to work part-time to broaden your horizons. However, be sure to observe the law.

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