Vocabularies Are Very Important 3 – Casual Words People Use in Their Daily Lives

English is a single word and has many meanings, so it’s hard to remember. In this series, we will tell you that “well-known English words have this meaning!” And “This is the word used by native speakers!” This time, we gathered three English words with lesser-known meanings and two English words used frequently by native speakers.

1. go

Go is one of the most frequently used English words. It is also known for its many types of meaning. Here are three important meanings that are minor.

 There is no particular meaning?!

Go get him!
that? There are two verbs. Actually, this go has no particular meaning and has a role to emphasize verbs. If you want to emphasize the verb, you can express the emphasis by putting go before the verb.

Go also means “no”
She ’s gone!
Means “She’s gone!”

The last meaning is “(animal) sings”.
Dogs go bow wow.
(The dog screams)
I use it like this.

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2. wet

This word is known as an adjective meaning “wet”. You can use it like Can I have wet tissues? Did you know that there is another important meaning? Let’s look at another meaning this time.

 Humming person =? ? ?

Turning to the meaning of “wet”, wet means “a weak person”. He refers to someone who is confused and confused by anything and says He is wet!

As an aside, wet blanket refers to “the person who makes the field white”. It ’s a person who makes a statement that people ca n’t read, like “I do n’t like a noisy person” even though everyone ’s excited.

 Let’s practice

Don’t be so wet, ok?
(Yes, do n’t get so timid)

I’m kind of wet.
(I’m chicken if I say either)

I was extremely wet.
(I got soaked)

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3. tip

What does the word “tip” have?


Actually, tip means hint, and this word is used a lot in native speakers. Tips are images of tips such as quizzes, but tips are words that feel light like tips or a little wisdom. Let’s see how it is used.

 Let’s practice

5 tips for sounding like a native speaker.
(5 tips for becoming a native speaker)

Tips to improve your English.
(Tips for improving your English)

Is there any tip for developing my English?
(Is there a way to improve English?)

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4. celly

Now, this word is a coined word that has recently been used. Is it a short word for something, do you understand what it stands for? A hint is a word that represents something that is inseparable from our lives.

 Keitai is celly!

Actually this word refers to a mobile phone. As an image, mobile phone = cell phone, mobile phone = celly. It is frequently used in native speakers as a casual word that can be used by friends.

 Let’s practice

I forgot whereabouts I put my celly.
(I forgot where I put my cell phone)

Be sure to leave with your celly.
(Please do not forget the mobile phone)

You got a new celly!
(Oh! I bought a new cell phone!)

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What kind of word is this word? Actually, it is a word related to mobile phone related to No.4.

 Mobile phone number

A cell phone or landline number is called a phone number. This is of course OK, but Native uses shorter words. We also say “Tell me the number” rather than tell me “number of mobile phone”. It is the same.

 Let’s practice

Do you have his digits?
(Do you know his number?)

This is my digits, call me maybe.
(This is my number. You can call me)

Can I have your digits?
(Can you tell me the number?)

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celly and digits are words not in the dictionary. Please use it because it will be a frank expression. I often use these words on social media and email! If you become familiar with go, you will have a lot of fun speaking English. It goes here. (I’m here) I’ll go. There are a lot of foreign movies, so please check how they are used.

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