The Difference Between Japanese Women and Russian Women – Russian Women are Fashionable and Honest!?

Currently I live in Russia. More than 5 years have passed. I would like to write what I think about the characteristics of Russian women that I saw in my daily life.

A cashier woman working at a convenience store

A woman at a cash register at a convenience store that I always go to in Russia. At the time of payment, when you can’t pay in small units of coins, it is decided every time as “(swaying your head)”. The woman in charge of the cash register changes from day to day, but the response is almost the same even if the person in charge changes. I don’t mean I’m Asian, it’s the same for other Russian customers.

 Customer is bad!?

If you are Japanese, the store will always prepare a lot of change, so even if you pay a lot of money, you can shop comfortably. So in Russia, just like in Japan, I think, “Why customers look like bad guys! Have some coins ready before opening!” However, there seems to be no such idea here. Customers who can’t always pay with small change are bad. The shop side is not bad.

 Change is pleased!?

Since I had a small change in my house, I paid for it all day with a small change. Surprisingly, “Spa Sheba (Thank you!)” Was pleased with a smile. I felt sorry for me, but when I said “I’m sorry for just changing the coins”, I was told, “It’s all right.
I don’t think there is a system in place for going to the bank in advance and preparing coins. I was always annoyed by the tongue, but I was happy to be given an unexpected smile, and I reflected that I had to understand the situation where the other party was placed.

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Security women at the apartment

In the apartment where I live, there is a woman who cleans the corridor and a guard woman who works in a small room at the entrance of the apartment. The two are probably in their 50s. Every time my child meets the women, he ’s hugging me, “Oh, Ms., my favorite child, come over here,” and kiss both chefs. Singing songs and dancing with kids.

 They love kids!

In Japan, at least you should greet at least while you work, and you may not be so familiar and accustomed to the eyes of your child’s parents. I think that some people don’t like being kissed so much, but I’m grateful that they will love the foreign children in this way.

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They are honest

When Russians are complimented, they are willing to be honest and happy. In particular, the power of the word “Classiva” is very great.
Do my children have misunderstood the words of greeting, there is that instead of hello and meet the Russian woman named “Kurashiba (it is beautiful).” But I think that I understand the meaning of the words because I only say when I come with a beautiful dress. Every time a Russian woman makes a great smile. Children seem to have a small way to live in Russia.

 My case…

I am a Japanese, but I don’t say “Classiva”, but if I do something like that, I’ll end up with it. I think it’s wonderful to be able to accept the words of the people who gave up and to appreciate and rejoice.

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They are always fashionable

When I am at home, I usually wear worn T-shirts and shabby shorts. The slipper is caught in the small dirty appearance, and sometimes it comes out in front of the house. When I was in Japan, it was an ordinary day for me, but when I met or met a Russian lady I knew, I said, “Well, I ’d like to dress up. Will receive attention. The person is always neat and clean with both makeup and nails.

 A neat appearance at home

Unlike Japanese couples who get married and feel relieved, in Russia there are many people who think that the relationship between husband and wife must always be fresh, and even more beautiful and sexy from Russian mother-in-law and at home There seem to be many brides who are told to be dressed.

 They love tanning

All white Russian women love tanning. If the color is white, it seems to be unhealthy, and the dark-tanned skin seems to be able to wear the summer clothes in a fashionable fashion.
Russia has a short summer, so if you have time, you can tan everywhere. Some people sunbathe in swimsuits by climbing on a sunny bench in front of the park or apartment, or on the roof of the garage. If you look down from the top of the building, you will occasionally see Russians lying on the roof and tanning. Even older Russians are tanned in bikinis. I often see Russians with a bright red face that have been tanned in the city during the summer.
As a Japanese I get tanned as soon as I tan, and I really don’t want to tan.

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I love them being so attractive!!

I often see the daily lives of Russian women, and I often struggle to understand why I am a Japanese, but I want to learn how to live Russian women who are honestly happy.

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