Lily’s English Lesson 4: How to Practice Speaking

Hello everyone. It is Lily. This time, I will talk about improving my speaking ability, which is an eternal theme for English learners. I also struggled to gain some speaking ability. I would like to introduce the practice I practiced. Let’s study hard to communicate with foreigners without speaking in English! Please keep in touch until the end.

Prepare your own template for English conversation

Prepare a sentence that can express exactly what you want to say even up to the nuances and remember it in its entirety. After that, in practice, just pull out the template and put it out!
English comes out much more smoothly than writing English from scratch on the spot! English is good even from foreign films and Western music, and if there is an expression that you want to use in English conversation collection etc., it is good to make a note.

 My template

My template looks like this. Recite and use as it is!

You’ll never know.
If you’re up for it, can we talk?
You only live once.
Let me think out. Not decided yet
I practiced it, my English made incredible headway.
Feedback geben

 Let’s actively choose the wording that is unique to English!

For example, in the above expression “I have not decided yet”, I think that most people say I don’t decide yet. It is not a mistake, but in some cases, you will get a more natural feeling.

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You have to tell them what you need to say

You should definitely enjoy English conversation. To that end, I would like to correctly convey what I want to say.
So I read and read English conversation books, collected tips that would make a big difference in meaning with just a few differences, and practiced so that my English could be transmitted to the other party correctly.

 The meaning is completely different

Take, for example, these two sentences.
She’s mad at him.
She’s mad about him.

This is an example of a sentence that would have the opposite meaning only with a different preposition.
The sentence using the upper at means “She is angry with him” and the sentence using the lower about means “She loves him”.
If you do not know this knowledge, it is likely that you will write the text below because “I’m angry with him → I’m angry about him”.

I have nothing in my mind.
I have nothing in mind.

This example has a big difference in meaning with and without my.
If you limit it to in my mind as in the above sentence, you will have a nuance such as “My head is really stupid.”
On the other hand, if you express it as in mind like the following sentence, it will become a quite usable expression such as “Is there anything you want to eat now?” If this is also said in the above sentence by mistake, it will mislead the other party!

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Short cut is, studying English in English

Speaking skills can not be trained without listening skills. So I studied English in English using the YouTube channel etc. I think I saw about 500 in all. This time, I will introduce you the recommended channel among them.

 My recommended videos

English in 3 minutes
English learning channel for beginners. All videos can be watched in about 3 minutes. The series also supports languages ​​from around the world, and when I got tired of studying English, I also watched Chinese and Portuguese channels. Other languages ​​are explained in English so you can learn multiple languages ​​while practicing English!

Learn English with Steve ford
It is a channel of a Canadian teacher. We have uploaded huge videos from everyday English conversation beginners to advanced and qualification exam preparation. I don’t know what this teacher’s great is now, but when I wrote a comment in YouTube’s comment box, I always got a 100% reply. There was considerable writing from all over the world, but I was always replying to every one. It is fun to learn Canadian English slang.

A channel where unique teachers are taught English. It is a popular video with plenty of humor although it is academic.

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1. Prepare your own English conversation template
2. Nuance is important for speaking
3. Study English in English

 Let’s keep it fun!

The above is the practice method for improving speaking ability that I practiced. The point is to keep trying and keep it fun. You will be able to enjoy English conversation even more if you use templates well in conversation with native.
Well, next time, this series will be the final “3 tips to improve your English comprehensive skills!” Let’s continue studying together!

See you soon!

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