How Russian Women Think about Their Work and Career?

I have been working in Russia for over 5 years. While working with Russians, I feel a lot different from Japan. This time, I would like to introduce the features of Russian people I noticed and the tips for working with them.

Way of thinking about work

Unlike Japan, job hunting is not started from the third year of university, but after graduating from university, we start looking for work. Not everyone wants to work for a company, but some people work freelance.

 Labor notebook

In Russia, there is a notebook called a labor notebook, which contains all of your previous work history. When you join the company, what kind of job, and what kind of work you have done are filled in and the company stamp is stamped. Some companies check their labor notebook as a reference when hiring. During your tenure, the company keeps a notebook, which is stamped and returned at the time of retirement. Therefore, there is no worry about misrepresentation of resume.

 Work contents and evaluation

In many cases, the person in charge is divided according to the contents, and for example, in the restaurant or cafe, the person in charge is divided for each table, so even if you speak to a vacant person, that person is in charge even in his spare time Sometimes people are told to speak to people.
Since the work I am in charge of is decided, when I set specific work contents and goals, it seems that there are many people who strive to achieve the goals. There are many people who care very much about how they are evaluated, so I think that some people are convinced that the evaluation results and reasons, and the rewards for them are clarified, and work.

 Many people are obedient?

For my boss, there are many people who do not go against the face. If you make a clear relationship between the top and bottom, I feel personally as if there are many people who are working by listening to their boss’s opinions while suppressing their feelings, regardless of whether they are good or bad. Of course, there are many people who speak badly in the shade, but it is the same in every country.

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Career formation

Russia has a high university entrance rate and I feel that there are many smart people. Some people are actively involved in business seminars and self-development and attending distance learning and graduate school while working. Also, after graduating from university, some people go to university to study again. There may be opportunities for training at the company, and all employees may participate in study sessions.

 Employee thinking

The awareness of working for one company for a long time is not very high, and of course, if you like the treatment, there are people who work for one company for a long time, but if you get experience after one or two years, people who change jobs without any confusion I think there are many.
Building your own career is your first priority. A woman in her mid-20s who graduated from a national university and has high communication skills, worked for several well-known companies in turn, and found a job abroad to make her dream come true. The decision is fast and the footwork is very light. I’ve been working for one company all the time, but I’m surprised when I talk to Russians, and can you imagine working in the same company five years later? I hear that there is nothing I want to do.

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During the break

I bring cakes on my birthday and act as colleagues. Even people with strong alcohol love sweets and happily eat cakes. The tea you drink with the cake contains about 3 square sugars. Yes, Russians love sweet things!

 Crazy Russian

I think some people take work out of work in Japan, but it is not long before coffee take-out became popular in Russia. The Russians look cute because many people order latte, add sugar, add syrup, and drink hot with a straw. The hot American coffee also has a straw, so if you drink it with a straw, it will burn you lightly.

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If you need their help

If you need help or cooperation from Russians, taking a cake or chocolate will soften your attitude and may help. When you help, thank you or a small one, so if you express it in a visible way, I think that Russians who are scared of appearance will smile and be happy.

 Russians love sweets!

I am a smart Russian who has an image that seems to be cold at the first meeting, but I love sweet things and there is also a cute side without looking at it I was introduced.

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