This Is What Students Who Are Good At Languages Do!! I’ll Tell You What!!

I studied English at the same time and in the same environment. Still, that person has a good English ability, but why am I struggling? ? Have you ever felt like this? Do you want to know the difference between people who can improve their English and those who can’t? This time, I would like to explain the difference between the students who grew up and those who did not grow that I felt as an English teacher.

Don’t be afraid to make a mistake

 ”What?” Is a chance!

Even if you try to learn English words and English phrases, you may forget them. Of course, it is the same for people who can speak English and those who can’t. However, the difference is that people who improve their English proficiency will take the fact that they have forgotten and try to not forget them. For those who are struggling, “I forgot” → “I want someone to tell me” → “I want to understand” → “End”… I repeat this. When you ask “what?” It’s a chance to learn something new, not embarrassing. Don’t miss out and add another new knowledge!

 Have a good purpose

People who are prone to improve their English will not only remember the words they have forgotten but will never forget them, but will try again and again to be able to use them. Especially in English conversation, you have to repeat your practice by speaking out many times and swapping the subject and object. For those who are growing, there is a clear goal of “being able to use” rather than learning words. Therefore, even if you forget something, it is not “embarrassed” but “it was good to recognize that you forgot”.

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Organize information in your brain

 Learn English like a puzzle

For example, suppose an English beginner studied can you ~ ?. People who grow there will increase their vocabulary by replacing them well in their heads with can she, can he, can your friend…. Even if you learn Do you ~? And make the wrong sentence Do you ok ?, if you remember the new Are you ~? Syntax, Are you sleepy ?, Are you happy ?, Are you sad It can be applied like a puzzle and spread like a spider’s web.

 Do not miss any small information

Suddenly, in English, Jordan says Jordan. Jewish is also called Jewish. Why does Japanese start with “Yayuyo” even though it starts with “J”? In fact, in ancient English, J was read with Y pronunciation. As a result, there are a few words that are read in Y pronunciation in foreign languages ​​(such as Japanese) even though English is still J.

――What do you think when you hear this? Someone who thinks “Hey-interesting! Let’s remember!” And “But it doesn’t matter to TOEIC”. This difference is great. Those who have learned so hard even with small things can understand why the English of “Jesus Christ” is “Jesus Christ”. Each one is small, but I think that people who can pile up this, those who can easily improve their English skills.

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Keep repeating it is important

The last thing to remember is the importance of “repeat”. There are many people who are tired of listening to it because it is said that iterative practice is important, but without this iterative practice, no matter how well you increase knowledge like a puzzle in your head, there are various Even if you learn a lot of knowledge, there will always be a limit.

The person who grows up does not forget repeated practice. Even if it is 5 minutes a day, be sure to do it everyday. It’s not the same as continuing this for a week and studying for 35 minutes once a week. I have also decided to work on the commuter train! I can learn about 200 words if I continue every day for about two weeks.

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