How I Studied English To Get 800 in TOEIC!!

Currently, the average TOEIC score, which is said to have the largest number of examinees in Japan, is said to be around 550. There may be many people who have once received TOEIC, which is emphasized among employment and companies. I spent three years in New Zealand. I had a homestay, but at that time I didn’t understand English at all, so I studied hard. After returning to Japan, I studied by myself and took 810 points in the summer of 18 years old. Here are my English study methods.

Know your skills and set goals

 If you don’t know your skills, you can’t start

First of all, if you want to study English, get to know your skills to understand where you want to study. There are many reference books that can be purchased at bookstores. If you buy something at the wrong level, it makes no sense. Once you know your ability, it is important to aim a little above your ability and have a goal that is not impossible.

 Reference book I purchased

・ Phrase of single limited express money that appears in TOIEC L & R TEST
・ One station, one theme New TOIEC TEST Grammar Express
・ TOIEC test official problem collection new format problem correspondence

I purchased the above three points and studied English. I think that you should use a word book that you like or that you think is easy to use. There is no need to buy as many books.
Also, some people use other general reference books to study TOEIC, but there are many business-related words that appear on the TOEIC, so it is better to purchase a special one for TOEIC measures. think.
If you are taking TOEIC for the first time, I would like to see 3. Since there are problems and features unique to TOEIC, it is important to know the flow of TOEIC in order to demonstrate its abilities. Also, if you solve the official question book, you can make predictions about how many points you can get, so it will be easier to set goals.

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Reading, listening, speaking

 My secret weapon

When I was a student, I think that everyone used various study methods to prepare for the test. He probably had various secret weapons, such as an easy-to-learn method and a memorized method.
When I wanted to learn a word, I just read, listened to it and wrote it. When I was at home, I heard a CD where native speakers read out English words. To memorize 10 words in a day, I read the words myself, listened to the CD, wrote spells, and learned them.

 It is important to repeat over and over

If you have time before the TOEIC performance, try to study the word over and over again. There are a lot of things that I didn’t remember when I reviewed the word after a few days, even if I wanted to study it once. Also, if you try to make an English composition using a word, you can remember it in a sentence, so it is hard to forget the word.
It is also important to check the meaning of words that you don’t understand and listen to the correct pronunciation of English words. Of course, English words that appear in TOEIC’s problem collections are likely to appear in the next TOEIC.

 Read aloud

When reading, it is important to read aloud. If you have a word you don’t understand, it’s natural to look it up properly, pronounce it yourself, and remember it.
Of course, you can’t use a dictionary for production. Therefore, if you have a word you don’t understand while you are reading, it is important to read it to the end and get the meaning. Also, if you want to read, first read the problem and make sure you know what you are listening before you start reading.

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Get characteristics of TOEIC


Anyway, it is important to get used to English pronunciation. For example, TOEIC offers both British and American English, but if you are used to American English, you need to get used to British English. I was in New Zealand and felt that British English was easier to hear.

 ONLY US English is not good

Most of the English used in Japan is American English. Unless you live in a British English country, many Japanese are used to American English. Therefore, use the TOEIC CD and get used to English in other countries.

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Get the latest information about TOEIC

If you are going to take an English test, you need to know in advance what type of problem will occur, not just TOEIC. This is because taking the exam while knowing the format is completely different from taking the exam without knowing the format. However, the format may change over time. Therefore, it is dangerous to rely on old reference books and information. The latest information on education changes frequently, so be sure to check the latest information if you receive a TOEIC.

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