Great Part of Japan I Miss After Living in Foreign Country… What Do I Miss? Japanese Food!!

I started living overseas at the same time as my marriage, and it has been more than two years. Other than that, there were times when I spent overseas, such as studying abroad or going to overseas training. When you spend your time abroad, you will notice the goodness of overseas, but also the goodness of Japan. Here are some of the goodness of Japan that I learned from living overseas.

Japan has the best customer service in the world

Japan is a hospitality country. Even when choosing the venue for the 2020 Olympics, Japan appealed to the world as a country of hospitality. As the word suggests, customer service in Japan is very polite.

 Clerk apologizes

If there is a mistake on the clerk side, the Japanese clerk will apologize immediately. If there is something wrong with your fishing, you will immediately bow down and say “I ’m sorry” and give you the right fishing.
There is no such thing overseas. Even if you point out that your fishing is wrong, you will not be apologized. Rather, there are a lot of shop assistants who are displeased as if they were “embarrassed to me”, and even if they don’t feel displeased, it feels like “I’m funny” or “I’ve confirmed” Just don’t apologize.

 Employees and customers do not fight

You may feel it is natural when you are in Japan, but when you live abroad, you may see quarrels between shop assistants and customers. It is impossible for a store clerk to eat or start a fight with a customer in a Japanese store. However, it is not common sense abroad. Overseas, the store clerk complains to the customer and the customer is not defeated, so it may eventually become a fight.

If you look at how the overseas salesclerks and customers are quarreling, I think that Japan is good. Certainly not all of the Japanese clerk will have a great customer service. There are also people who are waiting for customers. Still, overall the customer service in Japan is wonderful.

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There is a timetable in Japanese public transportation.This is very rare in the world.

 No delay even  for 1 minute!?

For example, trains in Washington, DC, the capital of the United States, and Beijing, the capital of China, do not have timetables.It is important to know how many minutes the train will take.Also, there are no timetables for Beijing buses, so if you are at the bus stop, you will feel that there is one bus every 15 minutes.
Also, in Europe, there is a movement to create timetables to cope with train delays. Repeatedly, Japan has a strict time schedule, and the Shinkansen is not delayed by a minute.It ’s great.

 Easy to meet

Japanese people tend to keep time relatively.Even if you have a meeting, depending on the partner, you have manners such as “go fast enough not to wait for the other party”. This idea is not universal.
In particular, in the United States, etc., it is rather good manners not to go to the party on time. : 15 in the morning, but most of the members were not ready until 8 o’clock.I don’t feel like going to 8 o’clock in total, and I finally quit because I couldn’t cope with the sense of time around me.

 Do not cancel the appointments all of a sudden

In Japan, sudden cancellation is not recognized socially. In the unlikely event that you have to do it, it is also important to give a reason why you must do it, such as “A funeral …”.
Overseas, there is no concept that sudden cancellation is bad.I also said that my overseas friend came to me, so I rushed to shop and went home, and I was angry that I was sorry, I couldn’t go 30 minutes before my appointment.
In addition, even if you invite friends to a meal, the number of people may change just before you do not take anyone, so it may be a lot of stress for Japanese who do not dotacan.At first I was told that I would go with 7 people, but when I settled down to “4 people” in the morning of the day, I couldn’t calm down.

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Variation of food

Japanese ingredients are abundant. You can purchase ingredients from various countries such as Western food and Chinese as well as Japanese food. Of course, all tastes have changed slightly to the tastes of Japanese people, so they do not always taste the same as local ingredients. However, in Japan it is possible to enjoy foreign cuisine at an affordable price.

 Foreign food is expensive

However, this is not the case when going abroad. In Japan, you can enjoy ingredients from any country at a reasonable price, but when you go abroad, foreign ingredients are very expensive. Of course, unique ingredients such as sushi are expensive and commonplace, but there are many Japanese people who go abroad and accumulate food-related stress because the ingredients are not always available.


Japanese ingredients are trusted around the world. First of all, since the expiration date and expiry date are determined, it is easy to understand that it is desirable to eat by that time, or to consume by that time.
In some countries, the expiration date or expiry date may not be written. For example, in China, the date of manufacture is written, but there is no rule on when to eat. Therefore, when you go to the supermarket, tofu made 10 days ago may be sold. I missed using my previously purchased tofu and realized that it was not very useful after 4 days from the date of manufacture. I really want to know if the people here buy the tofu made 10 days ago and how it is cooked.
Also, in Japan, hygiene is firmly maintained in manufacturing factories, etc., and safety is guaranteed. You can trust just because it is a Japanese product. Of course, Japanese products are much more expensive overseas, but you can see that Japanese products are much more trusted worldwide.

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OMG Japanese food!!

Even if you think that it is natural for you to be in Japan, there are many things that you can think of when you go abroad.
I experienced morning sickness at the beginning of the year, but at that time I missed Japanese food and missed it. The appetite at the time of morning sickness was abnormal, and when I wanted to eat something, the image of the food did not disappear from my head until I ate it. However, I remember that I was stressed every day because I was not in an environment where I could easily get Japanese food overseas.
Of course, there are also problems in Japan. However, for the first time away from Japan, I am impressed by the goodness of Japan.



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