Marriage Life with Peruvian 6: Japanese Guys!! It’s a New Generation!!

Hello! I have had a while! I’m sorry ☆
During this time, I went to dinner with my husband (Peruvian) colleague (Japanese) and his wife (* ノ ω ノ)
I had a good time drinking a little sake at a Japanese restaurant near my house (´ ・ ω ・ `)
But …! !
I noticed here.
I wrote before that a Japanese man would like to become a hot and hot man like Charizard and have a burning love with a girl… (´◉◞౪◟◉)
A certain Japanese man’s unique thing came out this time (・ ∀ ・)

Not good at saying compliment is not good at loving

When I am enjoying a meal with me (Japanese), my husband (Peruvian), my husband colleague (Japanese), my colleague wife (Japanese) (* ’∀’)
My colleague wife praised me when I was enjoying a story without love.

It was such a conversation ~
Husband wife
“It ’s amazing that you ’re studying Peruvian cuisine, Kochi-san! I ’m not good at cooking, so I ’m glad I ’ve been able to challenge that (/ ω \).”

“I’m glad (^^) / but I’m still studying and the amount of chili is especially difficult … sweat”

My husband
“But, this is what I’ll do my best (* ´з`).

Colleague husband
“When I cook fried rice with a frying pan, my wife (colleague’s wife) spills more than half when she’s cooking!!

Colleague wife
“Ahahaha … (^^; That’s true sweat. Can you tell me the dish if you like it?”

“No, no … I don’t have the skills to teach you, but how about making something together and eating together? (* ´ 艸 `)”

Colleague wife
“Please come here (* ‘∀’)”

Husband colleague
“I really ask! Laugh! This guy (a colleague’s wife) doesn’t have a good sense no matter what I do … (^^; I’m looking forward to Kochi’s cooking ☆”

My husband
“I ’m looking forward to home cooking for two of my co-workers and my wife.” (* ´ ▽ ` *)
(Husband staring at me with a smile while stroking my head)

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Hey you!!

There was such an exchange, but do you feel uncomfortable here? (* ´ ▽ ` *)
Yes, it is a remark when explaining a husband’s colleague’s wife (´◉◞౪◟◉)
In the first place, “this guy” is called … I slap it (´ ・ ω ・ `)
Actually, Japanese men don’t want to give up this partner … sweat

I understand that it is still rooted since long ago that “a woman usually builds a man”.
I used to be with a Japanese man and he was standing up to him, and he didn’t give up on me in public | д ゚)

Humility is just about yourself and don’t involve her!
It is already old (´ ・ ω ・ `) that such a woman who can“ make a man ”with the ideal image of a woman of a long time ago“ Ossid ”is good (´ ・ ω ・`)

 Foreign men are good at saying compliment!

All the foreign men I’ve ever met and have been with

“Today is cute too”
“This is really smart!”
“I wear beautiful accessories, but this one is shining.”
“Sexy Dance”
“The first day of talking and interesting people for the first time”

He gave up so much that he was really happy (* ノ ω ノ)
(I was so happy that I was laughing so hard that I could see the gums)
As I told you in the previous article, most Japanese men have “air readable” telepathy! !
Why don’t you make more use of the telepathy (´◉◞౪◟◉)?

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How do you do that?

For example, when dating your partner, you are wearing your favorite clothes and staring at you with a nice accessory that you don’t usually wear.
Your partner who is always doing the housework and caring is specially fashionable today.
Well …!
How do you give up?
Throw away the pride, don’t be shy, give up! Japanese men (∩´∀ `) ∩
If you use your favorite telepathy, you will know what women want to say!

What is your answer?
Beginner “Today is something different?”
Intermediate “I think it’s good, clean!”
Senior: “I’m thrilled. It ’s so beautiful! It ’s really good! It ’s always thank you for everything I ’ve done, and I ’m grateful for today ’s date!”
Completely out “What happened today? It feels strange! Ughhey!”
(It is an experience ant told in the past (´_ ゝ `))

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Again, compliment!!

Why don’t you practice praising women at first? (* ノ ω ノ)
There was a man in the past who said, “Women give up when they give up,” but that is not the case.
The correct answer is “If you give up, it will lead to confidence that is treasured and loved” (* ´ω `)

Say compliment

Happy woman

Praise women who have been praised by other women

An untimely man, a big man

There is a difference from other men, other men bite handkerchief and regret, yeah, surely (´_ ゝ `)

Would you like to try it today? “Life of praise”
A foreign man can be a Japanese man! Let’s show the place ☆ (* ´ω `)

Thank you for reading ☆

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