You Have to Care about What Foreigners Eat!? How to Deal with Vegetarians

In Japan, people have high sensitivity for security and people care about security of food. Maybe you know somebody who prefer only made in Japan vegetables or meat, or try to limit the sugar they absorb. Is not only about Japanese but also some foreigners try to do that. Maybe some of them can’t eat specific food because of their religious reasons. Here I would like to tell you how to deal with vegetarians.

What is vegetarians?

What is vegetarians?

It is said that 5 to 10% in UK and USA, 30% of India, and 10% of Taiwan.

 There is difference even in vegetarians

UK has so many people who are vegetarians. They divide vegetarians into two categories. First is for allergy, they just can’t eat meat for health problem. Other is just they prefer not to eat meat.

Some might be vegan food try not to have any animal related food. Some vegetarians eat daily products and some are OK with seafood.

 You have to know what you are doing

Many vegetarians try to take care of what you they are eating. In order to avoid those troubles at the restaurant with foreigners, it is very important to know about the difference. If you have colleagues who are vegetarians, you have to think of them before you choose what you eat.

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Knowing about food is important

If you take foreigners to restaurant food have limitation watch they can’t eat, you have to know some certain things about food. If you buy food from grocery stores or convenient stores, many of them are processed chemically and some may not want to that. It is very difficult to know what kind of ingredients they use at the restaurant. Even though they use seven kinds of solids, maybe it contains a little pieces of chicken.

 You have to check the ingredients

If you need to take a vegetarians to the restaurants, you have to know what kind of ingredients food uses. Wait you started thinking it is difficult to do that in Japan. Of course It’s not easy to find the food which doesn’t include any animal related ingredients. Maybe you have to ask the waiter it to avoid those foods or you just have to find vegetarian friendly restaurants.

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Vegetarian friendly restaurants

I sometimes have opportunities to eat food these vegetarians. One of my friends has so many foreign friends so I sometimes take them to sightseeing in Tokyo. That’s why I choose the restaurant, I try to ask waiters what kind of ingredients they use in detail.

 Only few vegetarian friendly restaurant in Tokyo…

However, it is not easy to find the restaurant which is friendly for vegetarians. It is said that it is impossible to find what they are is not existing in Tokyo but there are only a few of vegetarian restaurants. If it’s countryside, it must be even more difficult.

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Food is the way for communication

I think it is very important to know some food information when you take foreigners to the restaurants and some of you may think that you don’t want to do that. However, this is such a big business chance. It’s not only restaurants but also travel agencies, hotels, etc. think it is very difficult to adjust those foreigners. That’s why if you can’t think of those people, you can broaden your business opportunities.

 There might be more foreigners who care about their food

It is not only vegetarians you have to think about if you have a meal with foreigners. For example, in these days people from Malaysia or Indonesia come to Japan and they respect halal food. If you have this kind of opportunities, please think of what you can do for them.

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