How to Get Along with Italians? Cheerful Characteristics of Cherishing Humor

I lived in Italy for about 7 years because my husband is Italian, and worked for about 5 years at a company that had a relationship and introduced Italian wine to Italy. Based on that experience, today we will introduce tips on how to get along with Italians.

Value the connection of the heart

What I felt when working in Italy was that human relations were the most important thing for Italians. It is not in the field of “refrain” or “consideration”, which aims to make our Japanese go smoothly, but emphasizes the connection between “human” and “human”.

 Develop human relations

The key to working well with Italians is to build relationships! It is no exaggeration to say that one point.
It’s really difficult to build relationships in foreign countries. It is necessary to learn many things, such as cultural differences, but once you have established a relationship, it is Italian who will help you at any time. I am always fascinated by the depth of that bosom.

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Are you Simpatico?

So how to build relationships with Italians and how to dive into the Italian community is very important.

 The most important thing

The word “Simpatico” often used in Italian
In the sense of “feeling good, interesting and unique”, it is very important in Italy, a cheerful Latin country. This is the most important point from central Italy to the south, especially in Rome.

 Can you laugh together?

Are you serious and passionate? No, that’s the second best thing is Italian, are you guys laughing together? It is seen very much.
It may feel hard as a Japanese sensation, but please think lightly because it is not bad.
It is best if you can make a return with a sense of humor, but it is okay even after you have a good understanding of Italian culture.

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Get closer by intimate contact

I can’t do it easily, but the Italians contact the beans anyway.
It is a famous story that Italians are telephone demons, but it is normal to call their parents every day. Everyone who went to Italy should have seen the sight of “Chao Mamma” when the planes landed and all of them took their phones.

 The content is irrelevant

Have you become friends? If you have a person like that, let’s actively exchange messages using something like the overseas version of the phone or Watts Up.
Is it a nuisance to exchange too much if it is Japanese sense? You might be amazed, but this is the opposite of “I want to connect with you”. So let’s go directly to hear the voice, not the message
Anything is fine. From “What are you doing today?” “Did you play yesterday?”
There is a quote that the Italian husband said, “Italian speaks to speak”, that is, the speaking behavior is important, and the content is irrelevant.

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Italy, the country of forgiveness

How was it? We introduced how to build human relations with Italians and how to dive into the Italian community.
Italy is a religious or “forgiveness” culture, so I don’t think of your failure. If you think you have done something wrong or wrong, you will be forgiving as if nothing happened as soon as you apologize.

 Enjoy communication

In that sense, it is a perfect country for people who are not familiar with foreign countries, and I think that it is a race where you can enjoy communication without feeling the inconvenience of not being able to speak Italian well.
Once you know the joke, you will have more fun with Italians!

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