Three Steps to Study English Easily

If you can get high scores in English exam or TOEFL, you can broader your opportunities to work. Also, you can enjoy your trip to other countries or communications with foreigners. If you can’t speak English, that will not make your disadvantages. In these days several companies require workers to help surgeon level of English skills and often they have to take English exam or TOEFL. It’s not that easy to study English if you are working full-time. Today I will tell you how to keep practicing your English in busy days.

Use English in your daily lives


If you want to keep studying, you need to adjust English in your daily lives and enjoy it. Also you may need to study basic grammatical structure and make your purpose of very important.

 Use English in the field you enjoy

First, you have to adjust your English to your daily lives and enjoy it. If you don’t use English in your daily lives, even though you try to study English, you can’t start doing that, right? Maybe studying English might make you feel sleepy. If you are used to Japanese, it takes time to get used to different languages. That’s why you have to use your English your daily lives as well. I recommend to watch English movies with Japanese subtitles and listen to English music.

 Use English subtitles for the movies

If you watch English movies with English subtitles, you can connect English phrase and Japanese so you can find several connections. Maybe you can use those phrases in your lives and think of it. Then you can get used to English.

 Listen to English music

If you listen to English music, you feel English is very closer. Maybe you can listen to English when you’re preparing for work at home in the morning, on your way to work, when you get ready to sleep, etc. You can listen to native speakers pronunciation and also natural English phrases. If you find your favorite, maybe you want to know the lyrics find out more words. just studying English might depress you so you just have to use English naturally in your lives and get used to it without any problem.

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Study basic stracture of grammar

Also, learning English basic structure is very important, maybe junior high school level. Some of you might feel that’s too easy but actually you might have forgotten more than you expect. High school level English contains a lot of important structures so maybe you can use some textbooks from the bookstore and take about one month to go through one more time.



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Make specific purposes

Having purpose is to study English is also important. You have to have motivation to study English every day such as getting certain scores at TOEIC by this month of the year. Maybe you should decide certain scores you want to take and certain periods you want to work on. When I was a student, I was always making my vocab dictionaries but I never really used it. Even though I decided to study those words everyday, sometimes I didn’t even finish 10 pages within one month. But my entrance exam for university was getting closer and I had to set my specific goal. I’m manage to study all words within one month.

 Set your daily goals

This has an important trick. If you set the goal would be one month, you might just focus on the latter half of the month so probably you should set the schedule every day. Maybe you can make your own agenda book and write down how many pages you want to study every day. Then you can look at it visually every day and feel pressured as well. Maybe one day in a week needs to be just a practicing day and review what you learned in the last one week. Review doesn’t sound big but actually it’s very important so please use some time for review.

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Those three points are very important and anybody can introduce them easily. I know it’s difficult to study English every day but acquiring English will change your life. Please consider those three points and enjoy English.

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