Can You Find Jobs Easily If You Become Engineers?

When you ask an engineer, you may think that you can easily work both in Japan and overseas. Some people may feel that this is a type of job that is also required in people’s countries, and that if you become an engineer in the future, there will be no problems with your work. However, the world is not so sweet. Here are the reasons why there are actually few Japanese engineers working in the world.

There’re already jobs in Japan

 No need to go to other countries

First of all, if you become an engineer, you can get a job in Japan. In particular, if you are an engineer engaged in development, there is almost no problem finding employment in Japan. If you are in Japan, you will never leave your family or friends, and you will have no inconvenience in your marriage.

On the other hand, if you go abroad, language problems will arise, and if you go abroad with your family after marriage, you will have trouble with your child’s education. If you don’t need to leave Japan in the first place, many people think it would be better to work in Japan.

 Linguistic problems

If you want to be an engineer overseas, you will need considerable language skills. Engineers are never an easy task. This is because you have to know exactly what kind of work your partner is seeking and respond to your request.

In other words, if you work as an engineer overseas, you need language skills, such as English language skills, that can understand the other party’s needs firmly. You need language skills to receive work orders. However, unfortunately, it is said that there are still few Japanese people who have the language skills.

 Not having much experience in other countries

In the first place, it is said that how Japanese people look for jobs and how foreigners look for jobs are slightly different. For Japanese people, it is common to start job hunting before graduating from university and start work as soon as you graduate. There are also many websites that support job hunting, such as Rikunabi and Mynavi.

However, this is not the case overseas. There are no sites such as Rikunabi or Mynavi, and you often have to find a job yourself. It is important that you distribute your resume to the company yourself and actually visit the company and sell yourself. It is also said that Japanese who are not used to such a method cannot get a job abroad.

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Still, people want Japanese engineers

 Japanese level is higher

On the other hand, Japanese engineers are said to be in demand worldwide. This is because Japanese technology is high in the first place. For example, there are many Japanese companies such as Sony, Panasonic, and Nintendo.

That is why Japanese people with such technology are popular worldwide. Of course, even if you are silent, it is not so booming that you can get a job, so you have to find your own job as it is, and trust is important for engineers.

 You can bring technology from other countries

Certainly, Japanese engineers are highly skilled, but that doesn’t mean they can only be satisfied with Japanese technology. There are engineers who have high skills overseas, so it is possible to improve the skills of Japanese engineers by interacting with them.

It is important not only to convey Japanese technology overseas, but also to bring overseas technology into Japan. Only then will it be possible to improve the level of technology.

Let’s be positive

In Japan, humility is said to be a virtue, but sometimes it cannot be said that in overseas. You have to say for yourself what the benefits of selling yourself and hiring yourself are. It may be important to know how to sell yourself from a young age as globalization progresses.


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