Marriage Life with Peruvian 1: Foreigners Show Their Affection Straight!!

I’m in my 20s and I just married the guy from Peru. In these days I ate a lot of Peruvians food and I gained so I tried to keep healthy food but I think I still eat a lot.

I have dated several guys from several countries so I would like to tell you my experience.

They Love Fried Food

My Peruvians husband likes to bring launch to his office. I try to make lunch early in the morning.

He likes cutlet, croquette, etc… I actually asked him if he doesn’t get tired of it then he said “I love them as long as they have meat!! If possible, I want some french fries…”

OMG, if I add french fries, that’s going to be so fried lunch… from my experience, I think foreign guys like so oiled food.

 Dinner menu my foreign boyfriend ate…

※One steak for one person
※Fried shrimp
※A few pieces of bread
※Caesar salad with a lot of cheese

I don’t know why they can eat this much. I was so stuffed and next morning I was still not hungry.

Japanese guys can think of quantities more appropriately… I think this is they are speciality.

Love you, potato country Peru!!

Let’s get back to what I was talking about. Of course I didn’t add french fries to my husband’s lunchbox but I tried to put vegetables and mushrooms in the lunch. Actually, Peruvians love potatoes and they always have it in every meal. They can harvest potatoes a lot in Peru. Potatoes are so yummy in this country and I especially like they are Peruvians food, mixture of potatoes, cheese and crackers. Yum!!

 I always put stainless fork in his lunch box…

My husband can use chopsticks but I always put stainless fork in his lunchbox. This has something to do with our lives before we married.

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Foreigners have difficulty using chopsticks

Before marriage, we used to live together. At that time, I made lunch and put disposable chopsticks in his lunchbox. So that I can just dump them on tonight and it was easy for me. However, my husband sent me SNS in the afternoon, saying that he broke disposable chopsticks so he was eating lunch with his hand. I couldn’t stop laughing. Fortunately, he works at the factory in which several foreigners work as well so even though he ate his lunch with hand, not many people actually cared.

 I put two pairs of chopsticks next day in case…

After a few days, he sent me SNS again. He asked me if disposable chopsticks were very vulnerable because they were broken again. I wondered how he uses chopsticks so I decided to observe him using chopsticks at night when we were having dinner.

Yes, he’s way of using chopsticks was slightly weird and of course, she broke them again. I decided to teach him how to use chopsticks and his smiles disappeared.

He stood up, went to the kitchen, grabbed stainless folk and started eating again.

 He wasn’t comfortable…

To make a long story short, he started pouting. Of course for Peruvians, it’s not easy to use chopsticks as they use forks and knivesw

Maybe I should have respected his culture. I was shocked as well.

 Then he went out

He went out and came back. He had one red rose in his hand.

“Please don’t look sad. I will try to learn how to use chopsticks by the time we marry and have kids. Thanks for making me a good meal every time!!”

Then he knelt down and handed me the rose. I was so surprised at his way to treat me like a princess and this is how we got back to normal.

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Japanese should show their affection more!!

Isn’t it nice to kneel down and give your girlfriend the rose? I was so impressed with his feelings.

Of course I’ve never experienced sis so I also knelt down to receive the flower. How shameful it is.

Foreign boyfriends kiss their girlfriends in the morning and at night when they wake up and when they go to bed. It’s very nice. I wish Japanese man show the affection to women more.

 ”How much do you love me?” OMG so cute!!

Do you think being needy is bad? Girls ask how much they love them. I think this is very cute.

Maybe some guys think that girls should know that as long as they are together but if they say so, that would hurt girls. Well actually, I have that experience.

Maybe they just should kneel down, Kiss the girls hands and say “I love you so much.” To treat girls like princesses. That would be very nice.

I’m going to make spicy sauce people love in Peru. Of course I would expect some compliment from my husband. Thanks for reading!!

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