Can You Have Part Time Jobs While You Are Studying In Other Countries? Any Advantages?

When studying abroad, there may be people who want to work part-time. If you are on a student visa abroad, part-time jobs have certain restrictions. The restrictions vary depending on the country, so you need to check each one, but if you are within that limit, you may be able to work part time. If so, what are the benefits of working part-time when studying abroad? Here we will explain the benefits of part-time work while studying abroad.

Getting money

 Additional living expense

It costs money if you study abroad. Many people use scholarships or exchange programs, so you may not need to worry about tuition. However, in many cases, you will have to pay for living expenses yourself.
In fact, because Japan is a country where living expenses are said to be high, international students who come to Japan are said to spend money on living in Japan. However, that doesn’t mean that it doesn’t cost money if Japanese people go abroad. Sometimes I miss Japanese food and buy Asian foods and eat out at supermarkets. It can add to the cost of living. After all, when you miss your country, it is important to pamper yourself a little.

 You can use it for friendship

If you study abroad, you will become friends with students from other countries. If you can make friends, you may need to spend money on friendships, such as going for a drink together.
Of course, spending too much money is not good, but while you are studying abroad, there are things you can do only when you are studying abroad, so if you want to go out with your friends, you want to spend some money. If you work part-time, you can spend some money.

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You can experience in those countries

 Learning about society

Working in that country means learning the culture of that country. For example, in Japan, the spirit of hospitality is valued, and its customer service is recognized around the world. Of course, if a foreign student works part-time in the hospitality business in Japan, Japanese methods are naturally required. In the country of the international student, you can study the society by studying different hospitality services in Japan.
The same is true for Japanese. You can learn about the culture of a country by studying the way in that country. Also, for example, you may have to apologize if you make a mistake when doing customer service. You can learn how to respond when something happens. The required response varies from country to country, so it is important to experience in that country.

 Studying other languages

Even if you are in an English-speaking country, even if you are not, going to school in that country means that you must use the language of that country. And if you work part-time in that country, you can also study languages.
Language is also something you learn only after practice. Certainly, you may feel that it is enough to study at school. However, while studying abroad, you will be given a place to use those expressions, so I want to work part-time and study languages.

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Making opportunities useful

 You can’t work in other countries everyday

You may have thought that you want to play with your friends or do sightseeing rather than work because you have traveled abroad. But then how about thinking like this? Recently, globalization has progressed, and more and more people are moving to various countries or working in other countries. However, in general, there are few opportunities to work overseas.
Of course, if you want to work overseas, you must be hired by a company in that country, or go to that country in the form of a secondment. Japanese people can go to most countries without a visa, but the story is different if they work. In order to work abroad, you have to obtain a work visa, and obtaining a work visa is said to be gradually becoming difficult in any country.

 Working Holiday is also one option

However, if you are studying abroad, you can work part-time. Don’t you think it’s great in itself? Surely, the word “working holiday” has become popular recently, and working holiday is also available for those who are Japanese nationals from 18 to 30 years old. A working holiday visa is a visa that you can also work on, so you may want to take it. But that is something you can’t get when you are 31 years old. Rather, my twenties are quick. And since you’re already overseas, why don’t you want to experience various things while you are young?

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What if you get in trouble?

If you have trouble working part-time, be sure to talk to your boss or colleague. If you have trouble working in a different country, you may feel that you have trouble because of the culture that caused the trouble just because of language problems. But don’t try to do it alone.
There are many cases where there is no problem if it is dealt with early, no matter what kind of trouble it is. So don’t try to do it yourself, but try to solve it efficiently with the help of your boss and colleagues.
If you fail, your boss may get angry. However, overseas, the trend of “everyone can make a mistake is okay” is stronger than in Japan, and rather Japan is more “angry with the boss”. Therefore, it is important to speak honestly and ask for help when something goes wrong. If it can be solved safely, it will be one of social studies.

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