General Food In Italy!! It’s Yummy, But Still Japanese Food Is Better!!

A 28-year-old woman who has visited Italy 15 times, worked in a restaurant for 6 months, and now has an Italian boyfriend. I like Italy, but sightseeing in Italy is completely different from actually living and spending a lot of time with Italians. In the last episode, I talked about how the receptionist at the bank had to wait a long time because he was drinking coffee at the bar, and about the South African homeless in Sicily. This time, if you live in Italy, you can see the other side of the series. This is the food edition.

Breakfast is always this

 Italian breakfast

Italian food is pizza and pasta, isn’t it? But I don’t eat this from the morning. Just as natto rice and miso soup are standard in Japan, there is also a standard breakfast in Italy. Growing up on white rice, it’s a food culture that I’m really unfamiliar with over the years. That is a biscuit. I think it’s a very Italian culture. It’s a hassle to cook rice and prepare miso soup. So just open the bag, biscuits! Ah, but… I got up in the morning and had biscuits. I don’t feel like eating. It seems that it is standard to soak biscuits in milk and eat them, but that is the only option. Even if there is fruit. If you have yogurt, it may be a very luxurious breakfast.

 Is that so for everyone?

Of course, it depends on the family, but it was the same when I was living in a restaurant for about half a year, and when I visited a friend in Sardinia. This will not last until noon. Therefore, there are many snacks. Foods that are eaten as snacks tend to be sweet because there are no low-calorie kelp, pickled plums, or small sweets like The Japan. I gained 4 kg in about half a year. By the end of your stay, you’ve become a biscuit addict. Because there is only that, there is no choice but to eat it. I’m hungry after waking up in the morning, so I just eat biscuits. It’s a good experience, but you don’t have to.

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Flour, eggplant grilled, raw lettuce

 Wheat in every meal

It’s not just breakfast. I’m tired of eating. Flour, flour earnestly. flour. A storm of flour whether you wake up or sleep. Plus, carbs and cheese. Pizza, pasta, macaroni, risotto and a wide variety of cheeses. There are different types, but the ingredients are the same… right? Moreover, even if it becomes risotto, it does not change to carbohydrates. I was born in Hokkaido and have eaten delicious vegetables and meat since I was little, so I definitely like colored ones. My Japanese friends often told me that I was jealous of eating Italian food every day, but that’s not the case at all. Of course, I love Italian food. I have eaten delicious vegetables and meat many times. But typical Italy is basically this.

I want to eat vegetables!
I couldn’t stand it anymore and asked to eat vegetables because I could do anything. Then, what came out was eggplant grilled. Simply bake the eggplant. And I like to season it with salt and olive oil. And raw lettuce. That’s really it. It was good for the first few days, but after that I got tired of it and was told that I didn’t want to eat other vegetables. How do people in this country get their nutrients? That’s why I went on a trip to Germany for only a week. Then bread again. I couldn’t stand it anymore and decided to go eat Vietnamese food with my friends. Good scent of plenty of vegetables and herbs. Chicken glass soup noodles. The Vietnamese food was shining brightly, and I decided that I had no choice but to live in Asia.

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Importance of food

When you are abroad, you realize how important it is to put it in your body. As an athlete since I was a kid, I’ve learned enough in my life how much good food can lead to the performance of the day. I think that what you like in the environment you grew up in and what you get energy from are different, but I think Japanese food is the best in the world! But I admit that Italian food is 100% delicious!

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