What Good About International Marriage? Mental Development Is One Of Them!!

While some yearn for international marriage, international marriage is not easy. Living in a different country is not easy and it costs money to renew your visa. Leaving your parents’ home may cause anxiety, while others may be difficult for your family to approve. But on the other hand, there are many good things about international marriage. Here we talk about the good things.

No more long distance love!!

 International couples need to deal with long distance love

Many international marriage couples have long-distance relationships before marriage. Unless one is working in the other country and met and dating there, they are different, but in most cases they are in long-distance love beyond the country.

Long-distance romance across countries has time differences and is not easy. When I first started dating myself, my husband was in the United States, so I kept in touch with each other over 14 hours. However, after her husband moved to Europe, the time difference was eight hours.

 Finally can live together!!

However, once you get married and have a visa, you can live together. We live in a country that is not from either country, so my husband has a work visa and I and my son have a family visa. If I live in my husband’s country, I can get a spouse visa, and if I live in my country, my husband can get a spouse visa.

So once you get married and apply for a visa, you won’t have to be in long distance love anymore. I think that the security of being together is the biggest advantage of international marriage.

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Wide view

 Living in other countries

When you have an international marriage, you may need to move abroad. Some people in Japan often say that living abroad is cool, but living abroad is not an easy task.

Traveling abroad and studying abroad are different. And studying abroad and living abroad are completely different. Living abroad means that you are the only person you can rely on when you are in trouble. There are no schools to help, no coordinators. But that’s why it broadens your horizons. In addition, since the couple will cooperate, the bond will be strengthened.

 Understanding the difference

When you get married internationally, you can naturally see cultural differences. Even people who grew up in the same country will fight if they grow up in different environments. This is especially true in different countries.

However, it is important to divide the fact that your common sense is not always the common sense of the other person, and conversely, there are some things that you can not understand even in the behavior of the other person. It’s also very interesting that things like “what?” Happen every day.

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Kids’ possibilities

 Double nationalities

You don’t marry a foreigner because you want your child to have dual nationality, but if you marry internationally, basically your child will have dual nationality. Then, in the future, the child can choose which nationality is better.

Of course, to be a dual citizen, you need to notify both countries when your child is born and reserve your nationality. It is important to note that if you do not notify a Japanese government office or embassy within 2 weeks if you have a child in Japan and 3 months if you are born overseas, you will lose Japanese nationality.

 Possibilities of being able to speak several languages

Just because a child is half does not mean that everyone is bilingual. However, having both parents speak different languages makes it easier for the child to become bilingual, depending on the ingenuity of the parents.

Language is a weapon in life. Japanese is a language that can only be understood in Japan, and Japan is a country where there is almost no opportunity to use English. There is. Half-children have the chance to learn a foreign language easily, so that may be a good thing about international marriage.

However, caution is required because aiming for international marriage, such as because you want to cut your child in half, is not a legal marriage in itself. In recent years, even when obtaining a spouse visa etc., it is investigated whether the two were really in a legal relationship, so just want a foreign spouse, just want to half the children, Let’s stop international marriage just because.

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The advantages of international marriages are mental development

The strengths of international marriage are basically spiritual things, such as not having to fall in love for a long distance, staying together, and enjoying different values. Because international marriage costs money to return home and renew your visa, and there is not much physical goodness. In some cases, international marriage itself may not be acceptable to your family, and in others you may have taken time to convince.

However, I think that international marriage can only be achieved after overcoming such difficulties. It’s true that there are many things physically, but I still think it’s wonderful to be able to marry and live together with someone who wants to share a lifetime.

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