How To Find A Job In Other Countries? You Have To Use The Connection!!

Maybe some people want to work abroad in the future. However, working overseas seems to be quite difficult, doesn’t it? How can I find it?
Here, I will talk about how to find a job overseas while in Japan, and affiliates who can work while abroad.

Using job agency

 Checking the local vacancies

If you want to work abroad, check out the websites that manage job listings in your area. For example, if you want to work in the United States, use a job change site that introduces jobs in the United States.
Also, if there is a system that allows you to register on the job change site, it may be better to register in advance. You can expand your frontage just by creating your own resume and posting it. However, finding a job abroad is difficult, and it’s hard to get an offer just by posting your resume. It is important to actively find information from yourself.

 Living in other countries is very important in the first place

There is one big challenge when looking at job listings on the Internet. This is because many job listings are “capable of working in that country” in terms of employment, which means that you have a work visa in that country, you have a nationality in that country, and the range is narrowed. It is.
When I wanted to work abroad, I found a job on a job change site. The content of the job offer had a proviso that “Japanese living in the area”. In other words, no matter how interested you are in this job, if you don’t live there, the conditions will not apply. If you want to work abroad, this is often not the case.
The reason why people living in the area are so important is, of course, the visa. Especially if you decide to hire someone who does not live in that country, you will have to get a work visa. This is a time-consuming and expensive problem for businesses. Also, even if you are a foreigner, if you live in the area, you only need to get a work visa, but if you hire a person who lives in a foreign country, when will that person come to that country? In some cases, you will have to take care of things such as where you live. That’s why companies are looking for people who are hassle-free.

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 Have somebody introduce the jobs

In Japan, it is said to be a “connection” and is shunned, but overseas it is quite common to have an acquaintance introduce you to your work. Of course, there are cases where you are hired because you are an acquaintance, and there is also the idea that even if you are an acquaintance, you will not be hired if you do not have the ability.
If you want to work abroad, you may want to ask a friend in that country, “Do you know any good jobs?” Of course, as I mentioned earlier, you need a visa to work abroad, so basically you have to be a company that can help you get a work visa. Even if you get job listings at a restaurant in your neighborhood, you probably won’t get a visa at the restaurant, so you need to be introduced to a reasonably high level job.

 It depends on the field

Finding a job abroad is not easy, but it can be surprisingly easy depending on the type of job. Professionals such as doctors and nurses, for example, tend to be accepted in basically any country as long as they can speak English.
Of course, licenses and qualifications do not mean that you can work anywhere. However, when you go to an international hospital, you may be actively hiring foreign doctors and nurses who can speak English, so if you are looking for a professional job, ask an acquaintance and pinpoint. You may want to look for a job at.

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Use Japanese language as a weapon

If you want to work abroad, many people will definitely concentrate on studying English. However, if a Japanese wants to work abroad, the Japanese language is often the weapon of choice.
Geographically, Japan is a small country, but politically and economically, Japan is a very large country. Therefore, there is a surprising demand for Japanese overseas. Look for someone who can speak Japanese, whose native language is Japanese, and so on.

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