How Russians Drink Vodka? They Love Strong Liquor – Even Though They’re Usually Quiet, It’s Pretty Festive!!

Currently living in Russia. It has already been over 5 years. After all, the liquor situation in Russia is often heard when living in Russia! This time, I would like to introduce how Russians drink alcohol.

Russian and liquor

The liquors preferred by Russians when gathering and drinking are strong liquors such as vodka, cognac, tequila and whiskey. Champagne is also preferred for weddings and new years.
Snacks include black bread, mushroom and vegetable pickles, oil buns, and oiled fish.
As a chaser, many people drink tomato juice and berry juice.

 Procuring homemade cognac by yourself

Good quality vodka and cognac are often sold at shops and are not expensive, so it is not a regular Russian drink. In addition, it seems that cheap products with poor quality may adversely affect the physical condition of the next day.
The Russians I know have a homemade cognac purchase route for some reason, and when they get together, they bring cognac in their plastic bottles. There are cherries and chocolate flavors that may seem bad for your body, but they are delicious and will not leave you drunk the next day.

 Continuous cheers!?

Russians drink toasts over and over again. Every time you make a toast, you have to say what you are going to offer toast, for health, to celebrate this encounter. Also, you must drink all the sake in the cup at the same time. You are not allowed to drink at your own pace without a toast.
After drinking, when you get drunk, grab your friend’s head and sniff the friend’s head or sniff your wrist (this is an action I don’t understand …), vodka Start to relieve the tightness over the throat! ? It’s already a festivities when you get here.
Chanpon is never done. Vodka is vodka from beginning to end, and wine is wine. I haven’t seen many people who get drunk on Gudenguden because they are big and don’t champon and drink while eating snacks. I will go to work the next day with a clean face.

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People who drink and don’t drink

There are many young people who care about their health because some people have seen their parents waste their lives because their parents drank too much, and more young people do not drink alcohol.

 Some people do not drink

Many acquaintances of Russian do not drink alcohol. You don’t have to worry about people ordering alcohol at the dinner party, so you don’t need to order tea from the beginning and drink “just a cup”. The young people around me have a strong impression that they do not drink much, but there are still cases where children like junior high school and high school students are drinking alcohol and drinking cigarettes in parks. I think there is a problem on the side of the sales because the people in the store also sell to them normally.

 Sight seen at a restaurant the other day

I went to a restaurant the other day. This is not a fashionable place for young people to gather, but a restaurant with a small stage where Russians gather together with their families on birthdays. There, grandmother and grandmother gathered, and a kind of old man society was held. On the table are vodka, snacks and chaser juice.

 Old people are so cool!!

At night, a little older Russian music singing with the voice of a Russian grandmother plays loud. And the grandfather and grandmother who had been drunk in vodka began to dance to the music. We dance while twisting, making our bodies close together, swinging our legs up, and dancing to other customers in the restaurant. Grandmother, grandmother’s dance was crazy. When the dance was over, it returned to its original relaxed gait and disappeared outside with a cigarette. I never watched my grandmother and grandmother dance so powerfully. I also thought that the figure of smoking cigarettes with plenty of room was very cool.

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Don’t let liquor drink you!!

In case of a hangover, the Russians told me that it would be better to have a drink like in Japan, or to take a kefir (a sour version of yogurt to drink) for a while in Japan. Kefir seems to be good for a hangover because it spreads gently on the stomach, which is rough with alcohol. However. The next day after vodka, I have no energy or strength to walk to the refrigerator

 Exceptional atmosphere when drinking!

I don’t want to drink too much because I’m so tired nowadays, but I really like the fun atmosphere when drinking in Russia. The Russians have a strong image of vodka, but I thought it was interesting because there were various ideas to prevent vodka from being drunk.

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