Advantages And Disadvantages of Being Diplomats Or Their Wives?

I’m not a Thai expatriate myself, but my brother and his wife have been stationed in Bangkok. Some of my acquaintances have experience as expatriates, so here I would like to write about their appeal and problems from the perspective of a third party.

Capacity of lives

 Luxurious lives

Expatriates also receive Japanese salary plus allowance locally. Therefore, some people may have the image of living an elegant life, especially in developing countries.
In fact, you can live a very elegant life in Thailand. You may get the illusion of being in the upper class.

 Diplomats’ worlds are smaller than you think

At work, the world of expatriates is very small, for better or for worse. It’s easy to meet staff who you would rarely meet in Japan, especially in Thailand, where most of them are concentrated in Bangkok. Even if you are not an expatriate, you can easily meet the Japanese ambassador, embassy staff, and executives of large companies by attending a small seminar.
If you’re in Japan, you won’t get that opportunity. That is why it is a big business opportunity. The expatriates are aware of this and are trying to expand their valuable connections through golf and other activities. Even after I returned to Japan after my stay in Japan, I have been making good use of the personal connections I have cultivated.

 About their lives

Unlike Japan, you can experience a comfortable way of working and living as a whole. First of all, there are many holidays in Thailand, so I feel like I’m absent all the time.
In addition, it seems that the expatriate atmosphere will become more relaxed because it is necessary to adjust to a relaxed life that does not blame the physical employees. Therefore, you will have more time to live.

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What diplomats’ wives say

 Rich wives lives

Next, I would like to talk about the aspects of life from the perspective of the expatriate wife. When the husband is stationed, the wife of the expatriate will also be paid, and you can hire a helper named “Aya-san”, or you may be asked to have a driver dedicated to her wife.

 About babies and childcare

It is often said among expatriate wives that Thailand is a good place to give birth or raise children. Especially when you are stationed, “Aya-san” will take care of your child, and the whole society has a social climate that gently envelops your child, so it is easy in many ways. This is the reason why it is said that you are stationed if you give birth or raise children.
Specifically, most women work until just before giving birth, and sometimes they return to work with their helpers immediately after giving birth. Even if a child grows up a little, he / she may bring him / her to work, and the people at work also warmly accept the child. I feel that local Japanese companies often adapt to this Thai climate to some extent.
In other words, Japanese women feel too busy. With regard to childbirth, vacations put us in danger of continuing employment, and raising children is very difficult, isn’t it? I am not in a state where I can hire a maid. In Thailand, the expatriate wife realizes how harsh Japan is for women.

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What diplomats and their wives have to be careful

 They don’t want to go back to Japan

First of all, there are quite a few expatriates who do not want to return to Japan on the way because they lead a rich life and build good connections. Many of these people start a business in Japan or change jobs locally.
Surprisingly, some companies are smart enough to prepare for such cases. At such companies, we introduce local affiliated companies and are careful not to lose people who can even be stationed.

 Their problems in their lives

In fact, some people in Thailand have the problem that their meals don’t fit, and then their relationships don’t fit. You must prepare in advance for these and take measures on your own.
Also, if you have children, you will have to consider educating them. If you are an elementary school student or older, you must decide whether it is a Japanese school or an international school. In a sense, it may be a good opportunity to think hard about your family’s future plans, including your child’s future.

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Not realistic lives of diplomats

If you ask not only your brother and his wife but also your friends who were expatriates, you will find that the life of expatriates is very unrealistic. Therefore, it may give the impression that it is difficult for people from the same country who live in the area to approach.
However, since I live as an expatriate, I thought it would be ants to enjoy that life when I was in that country. I envy my brother and his wife a little.

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