Who Do You Ask To Go To Dance With In America? What To Do With Dresses!?

When you study in an American high school, you will notice that there are many dance parties. There are casual dance parties where you can casually participate in plain clothes, and there are dances such as homecoming and proms that go out in a dress or tuxedo. American dance parties basically invite men to dance, but there are dance parties where women must invite men to dance. Here, I would like to talk a little bit mainly about homecoming and proms that go out in dresses and tuxedos.

Who you ask to go with you

 Men invite their favorite women to date

Homecoming and plums are usually joined with a lover. But of course, if you don’t have someone to go with, you can join with friends.
That said, this dance is a critical moment for men. Is it like a Valentine in Japan? A Japanese Valentine confesses a woman giving chocolate to a man. The reverse version can be said to be an application for this date.
If a man invites a woman to a homecoming or prom, even if he is not dating, it is the same as saying that he should dating. Therefore, if a woman does okay, the male tension will increase to max.

 Sometimes invites friends

That said, of course, as a friend, a man may invite a woman to dance. I had a good male friend, but I was invited to dance for the prom in April. I was never a lover, but I remember saying, “Would you like to dance with me?”
And at homecoming and plum, there is a rule that a man buys an entrance ticket for himself and a woman, but this friend also bought me an entrance ticket. Since men invite women to dance, it doesn’t seem to matter if it’s not a lover relationship. In short, if two people think they are friends with each other, they are friends, and if they think they are lovers, they are lovers. There is no fixed rule here.

 I’m invited to someone who has already decided

In general, it is a dance that goes with a lover, so if you have a lover who recognizes you and others, there are few men who dare invite you to dance. However, if you have made a promise to dance with your friends, you may not be aware of that and you may be invited to dance.
In fact, I am one of them. In November, a friend invited me to dance, and in March, when I was ahead of the April prom, I was invited to dance by a male student who liked me. Of course it would be nice to say that I like it, but because I am a preemptive person, I had no choice but to refuse the invitation.
I told this story to other friends that this is rare but never happens. If you are a lover who recognizes you and others, there is no problem, but if you make a promise to dance with your friends, you may have trouble.

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You can’t dance? No worries!!

 Don’t worry

If you often watch American dramas, you may see high school and college students dancing at parties. Some people are very good at dancing, so for Japanese people who are not used to that kind of dance, they may think “I can’t dance like that” or “I don’t like Bon Dance at all.”
But don’t worry. Actually, there are only a handful of people who can dance well like dramas, and music is rock and rap, so there is no problem if you move your body anyway.

 In case of classic, practice is required

This is not an American story. When I was a university student, I had stayed in a university dormitory in Sydney, Australia. A dance party was scheduled to be held at this time, and students who changed into dresses and tuxedos were practicing classical dance in the hall of the dormitory.
This is a sight that I have never seen in the United States. When I actually talked to the students, they said, “If it ’s a rock or lap dance, you can do it without practice. There was no classic dance party in the United States, so if you go to a British country like Australia, you may have to practice dancing.

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Buying dresses

 Buying a dress is a girl’s dream

The first dress a Japanese woman wears may be a wedding dress. That’s how Japanese people don’t wear dresses. If you are a musician, you might have a dress to wear on the stage, but otherwise you will rarely wear a dress.
However, if you are going to dance like this in the US, you have to buy a dress. There are many girl students who choose dresses that look like dresses because they cannot dance with a fluffy princess-like dress. When a boyfriend invites you to a homecoming or prom, a girl student goes out and buys a dress. Many people work part-time for that.

 Some people make new dresses every time

There are twice a year dance parties that require homecoming, prom and dresses. And since the prom can basically only participate in the 2nd year in the 3rd and 4th grade, even if a new dress is made every time, 6 dresses are required in 4 years.
I think dresses were about $ 200 to $ 400 per dress, but this varies from region to region and from store to store. Also, since it costs money, many people borrow from graduates.
As an exchange student, I couldn’t afford that much money, so I borrowed a dress from a friend of my host mother. A beautiful light blue dress that my friends gave me. The friend was a few years older than me, but I didn’t feel the age of the dress itself. There seems to be a trendy dress at that time, but the trend has regional differences and there is no particular problem.

If you are going to dance as an international student, you still have to get the dress. If you can afford it, you can buy it, and if you have someone who lends it, you can be guilty of it.
What do you think. In the first place, there is no such dance party in Japan, so if you can experience a dance party abroad, you should experience it.

 Good luck, boys!!

But boys are harder than girls. Schoolgirls need only wait for the boys to invite them to dance, but boys must know when the dance will be held and then invite the girls.
In addition, if you invite a girl student, you can purchase an admission ticket for the girl student or a corsage that suits her dress, and if necessary, pay for dinner before the dance. Also, if a Japanese male student goes to study abroad and does not know such an implicit rule, it is difficult to invite a local female student to a date.
So if you are going to study abroad, be sure to ask your friends about dancing. There are regional differences in how to invite when dancing, so let’s talk about making friends and going to dance as soon as you start high school. Have your students learn about dancing and enjoy your life as an international student.

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