Want to Boost Up Your TOEIC Score? What to Remember on the Day of Exam (part 10)

Now, the TOEIC strategy series has finally been finalized. This time I would like to summarize the precautions on the exam date as a summary of all techniques. No matter how hard you study English, it would be a waste if you couldn’t follow the rules of the day and your score became invalid. Let’s review carefully so that you can show your power on the day!

What you should have done just before the test of the day

Listen to English and get your brain accustomed to English before the test! The point is not to be nervous about listening to everything, but to choose something that you can relax and drift.


I listened to English news sources that are not related to TOEIC from the home to the venue, and from the venue, I listened to past questions about TOEIC listening. From the day of the exam, if you focus too much on your nerves, your brain will become tired.

 Verified word

What can be done on the day as a reading measure is confirmation of the word. It is a good idea to re-examine words that you have already perfectly remembered, but I recommend that you take a look at the ambiguous words that you could not remember just before the previous day.

The fact that you couldn’t master by the previous day is at least not in your long-term memory. But the important thing is to get as many points as possible in the test in front of you! In other words, if you get a score, even if you forget the next day, it is OK for the time being. If you keep a short-term memory of the word you have just read, the word may help you improve a few!
It’s a good idea to pick up confusing words the day before the exam to review the TOEIC. It is important not to give up until the end.

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About test

The TOEIC test consists of 7 parts. Part 1 to Part 4 are listening and Part 5 to Part 7 are reading. Both listening and reading are 100 questions, but listening must be solved in 45 minutes and reading in 75 minutes.
For listening part 2 and reading part 6, choose the correct one from the three choices (A), (B) and (C). Other than that, there are four choices, which is a question of choosing one answer.

 Advance preparation

Since all the answers are mark sheets, please prepare a pencil that can be easily rounded to some extent. Eraser that can be erased with a pinpoint that is not too wide is also recommended. Also, the venue may be cold, so if you have a piece of clothing, you won’t be fooled by the cold.

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What to be careful during the exam

I’ll tell you what to be careful to get even higher scores.

 How to use a mark sheet

During the exam, it is a battle against time. Keep in mind that it’s natural for anyone to haven’t been able to solve until the end due to lack of time. Therefore, I want to devise a way to use the mark sheet. The fastest way to find the mark sheet that I discovered is “trace the edge and trace the inside with 3 zigzags”. Depending on the thickness of the pencil core, the point of this method is rhythm. If you try to mark the rhythm with “Kuruku Ziegozag” or “Kurutsuji Gouzag”, you will be less worried that you may not have enough paint. There is a theory that humans follow a certain rhythm to stabilize their mind and increase their concentration. I think it would be nice to be able to create your own rhythm during the test.

How to proceed when you have no time
I think that there are many people who have enough time to mark many questions in Part 7 because of insufficient time. It is natural that TOEIC runs out of time. So how should I get the score when the time is not enough?

My recommendation is to read and answer at your own pace until 15 minutes before the end of the test. Use the time to read the problems that have not finished in the last 15 minutes, fill in the mark sheet, and check for mark misalignment.

Rather than reading through the last minute and throwing away some questions, let’s solve it to some extent 15 minutes before the end, and focus on the last 15 minutes to “do not drop the score with a minor failure”. If the mark is misaligned or the wrong mark is made, all efforts will be wasted.

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1. Things you want to do right before the test
2. Get an overview of the test in advance
3. Things to be aware of during the test

That’s it. Thank you for reading during the long series. I hope your TOEIC test scores will go up a little. Please do your best to improve your score! I support you in the shade.

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