Is Home Stay Better Than Staying At Dorm? How Long Should I Go?

How long you need to go to study abroad?

 More than 3 months and you can call it study abroad

Due to the recent increase in the number of short-term study abroad programs, there are people who say “I went to study abroad” even during a one-month period. However, in reality, it is called “study abroad” for the first time in overseas for more than three months. If it is less than that, it is “training”.
However, recently, even one-month programs are advertised as short-term study abroad, so it is not always necessary to use the terms “study abroad” and “training” clearly. However, based on this definition, I understand that if you study abroad, you should go for more than three months.

 1 month isn’t enough to study English

As I mentioned earlier, some programs are advertised as short-term study abroad, even for a month. However, if you want to improve your language skills, you can say that a month is short. Certainly, if you stay home for a month, you will be able to speak a little English, and you may feel a little confident. You can also experience foreign cultures through homestay.
Even so, it can be said that one month is short. Many programs often have long holidays such as summer vacations, so there may be no events, especially at school. If you study abroad, you want to experience everyday events.

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At least half year would be needed

 Half year can change your perspectives

When you study abroad, at first you will only see the good parts of foreign countries. For example, in the case of the United States, there are many American cultures in Japan, so you may actually get a good impression when you see it. As a result, the United States is “shot”.
However, after about half a year, gradually you can understand the good parts of Japan. At first, you may notice only the good things of foreign countries, and you may only care about the bad parts of Japan. However, after about half a year, the good things of Japan can be seen calmly.

 If possible, one year!!

If you are going to school for a homestay, you want to study abroad for one year. If you study abroad as a year, you can experience all the events.
For example, in high school, there are various events. Overseas, there are many cases where schools start in September, but there are various events such as homecoming dance parties, Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, Easter, and proms. After all, you can really say “I went to that school” by experiencing all the events all year round.

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If possible, use the chance!!

 It’s worth even though it’s short term!

 It doesn’t have to be homestay

There is no need to stick to your homestay. Certainly, you can live a normal family if you stay in a homestay. For example, if you are a university, you may enter a university dormitory. By spending time with students from different countries, you will have an unprecedented experience.
However, if you are going to enter a university dormitory, be careful not to get stuck between the same Japanese. Japanese people tend to want to be in groups, and there are many cases where Japanese people inevitably become solidified. Then you can’t make foreign friends, so it’s important to spend time with people from various countries.

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Just do it whenever possible!!

Studying abroad is a privilege while you are young. There are trade-offs when you grow up, and it’s not easy to do. For example, if you are a high school student, you will be absent from school for one year, and you may not be able to graduate with your original classmate. However, it is too wasteful to give up studying abroad. I think this is your only chance and if you have an opportunity, please grab it.

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