Marriage and Life in Brazil (part 3) – Women Love Bikini!!

I am a housewife living in Sao Paulo, Brazil. It has been several years since I started living in Sao Paulo, but my life here is still amazing. Brazil is known as the farthest country from Japan, but there are many people with the image of soccer or samba. Here we will talk about Brazilian aesthetics and fashion.

Brazilian aesthetics

 A man is a man and a woman is a woman

In Brazil, there is a strong sense that, from babies to the elderly, men are masculine and women are feminine. Men are expected to be dandy heroes and women are always expected to be elegant.

 Expectations for children

Of course, if the opponent is a child, it may be a parent’s desire to grow like a cool hero if it is a boy, but if it is a boy, clothes and study tools with a hero’s pattern such as Batman and Spiderman There are very many.
The colors of clothes are clear for boys, such as white and black, gray, red and orange. For girls, pastel colors are used.
There are a lot of girls’ goods such as Disney princesses, fashionable camisole for adults, and mini skirts. There are also designs such as lace, rain and see-through.
In Japan, there are many boys’ goods with characters such as bears and cats printed on them. There are many goods in Japan that are pleasing to both boys and girls, but there are few things in Brazil that cannot be clearly distinguished by gender.

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Important points for beauty


Brazilians are sensitive to smell. Especially in Sao Paulo, there is a big difference in temperature, and it is not uncommon for the temperature during the day to reach 30 degrees even in winter. So many Brazilians take a shower twice in the morning and at night. Deodorant spray and cologne are mandatory.
At the school where my daughter attends, my teacher told me that it is a good manner to come to school after taking a shower in the morning and smelling soap. The smell of sweat is a violation of manners even for children.

 The chest and buttocks are important

Brazilian women believe that diet is important for maintaining beauty and health. However, it doesn’t mean you need to be thin. In particular, the big breasts and buttocks are important. To make a natural cleavage, choose one size smaller bra. And in order to make the butt look clean, there are many people who put silicone in plastic surgery or train it in training. There is also a contest in Brazil for the beauty of the buttocks.

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Brazilian women love nails. If you go to the salon, you will find a variety of colored nails and many tools, and there are many women who enjoy lame and nail stickers.
There are a lot of people who have salons at home like Japan, because there are manicurists in the beauty salon. Of course, if you go to the nail, it will cost you money, so there are many people who use it at special times such as parties.

 Pierced earrings

It is no exaggeration to say that Brazilian women’s earrings are common sense. Most women are pierced as a matter of course, from newborn babies to grandmas.
When my daughter was small, I couldn’t forgive piercing because of my own resistance. However, when I asked him when he was four years old, he said that he wanted to pierce, so he went to a pharmacy and chose the first piercing and opened it on the spot.
Of course, my 4-year-old daughter couldn’t manage her own piercing hall, so I used a disinfectant solution when she took a bath. Brazil has less moisture like Japan, so there was no suppuration and there was no problem.


Brazil is also known as a bikini powerhouse. If you go to the beach or pool, women will wear a bikini, even if they are fat or old, even if they are disabled. Even with the same sex, there are many sexy designs that make it difficult to see the eyes, and friends from Brazil have sometimes said that “Japanese bikinis are like baby diapers.”
I have always had the courage to wear a bikini when I was in Japan, and I always chose one-piece type swimsuits. For that reason, in Brazil, I remember having a hard time finding a swimsuit that I liked. The one piece I found was a tube top type, and my chest seemed to look like a porori, so I sewed a similar bra shoulder strap. That’s why you can’t buy a swimsuit other than a bikini.

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Be proud of your body

The difference in aesthetics between Japanese and Brazilians is like this.
In Japan, there are times when you can’t be fashionable because you don’t have confidence in your body shape. When I’m in Brazil, I feel that it’s a shame that I can’t wear my favorite clothes because I’m fat and old.
Wearing the primary colors that Brazilian men prefer, and the Brazilian women’s commitment (valuing the buttocks) are no wonder even if Japanese people adopt them. To do.
When I started living in Brazil, I couldn’t understand their sense at all, but now it looks very cool. There are many glamor and beautiful people especially for women …
The original Japanese and Brazilians have different body structures, but how about changing your mood and taking in some Brazilian fashion?
The cityscape of Japan will change and become brighter, and the vibrancy like Brazil may be restored to Japan!

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