Stories Of National Borders In The World!! Which Country Has The Biggest Number Of The Neighbors!!

The world is full of amazing dramas and mysteries. Japan is an island country, rare in the world, and completely surrounded by the sea. Therefore, it is sometimes said that Japanese people have little awareness of borders.
In recent years, the problems of the Senkaku Islands and the Takeshima issue have surfaced, and we have no choice but to be aware of the issue of borders. In fact, such political and territorial issues are not unique to Japan. Most countries in the world, which are connected to neighboring countries by land, also have various border problems. In Europe, borders once changed with each war, and the territory of excursions made border problems in each country complicated. In addition, there are thousands of kilometers of straight borders, and some of the borders are protruding, making you wonder, “Why did that happen?” There is also a line. Here, we will introduce various stories hidden in the border line.

The country which has the biggest number of neighboring countries


There are two countries in the world that are in contact with the most countries. First of all, in Europe, Russia borders on the most countries in the world.
Russia borders 14 countries, around which it borders Finland, Estonia, Latvia, Belarus, Ukraine, Georgia, Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan, China, Mongolia and North Korea.
There is also a Russian excursion between Poland and Lithuania.


There are also countries in Asia that are in contact with 14 countries. It’s China.
China borders Russia, Mongolia, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, Afghanistan, Pakistan, India, Nepal, Bhutan, Myanmar, Laos and Vietnam. Also, before Hong Kong and Macau were converted to China, they were adjacent to Britain and Portugal, so in that case it could be said that they were in contact with 16 countries.

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How they decided the border

 Arabian countries started showing national borders

In the past, Arab countries did not have borders called borders. Originally, desert nomads were free to move around and live, and nomads moved from oasis to oasis to live. There were many deserts, and there was no point in drawing a border in those deserts.
It is Europe that has drawn the border to such Arab countries. They entered the Arab countries from the end of the 19th century and began to colonize those areas. It is also believed that the border was drawn there and created the cause of the conflict to this day.

 Which continent Turkey belongs to?

Turkey is considered to be somewhere between Asia and Europe. It faces the Black Sea to the north, the Mediterranean Sea to the south, Bulgaria and Greece to the west, and Georgia, Armenia, Glasses, Iraq, and Syria to the east. That means it straddles Asia and Europe across the Bosphorus Strait.
Turkey has 95% of its land and its capital, Ankara, on the Asian side, but the main part of Istanbul, the country’s largest city, is on the European side. The roots of the Turks, who make up 80% of the population, are said to be the nomadic horsemen who lived in Central Asia.

 Turkish history

Turkey expanded into Asia Minor around the 11th century. In the 16th century, it expanded into the Arabian Peninsula, North Africa, and the Balkan Peninsula. The language used is Thai, which is common in East Asia.
Furthermore, in the process of advancing to the west, we have accepted Islamic culture and Western culture. Today, 90% of the population is Islamic, but unlike Muslims in Arab countries, many women are dressed in fashion that is prevalent in the West.

 The problem of joining in EU

Turkey has strengthened its political and economic stance as a member of Europe. It is now a member of European organizations and is applying for membership in the EU.
EU accession has long been a goal for Turkey. Turkey has gradually become more focused on human rights, and such reforms have been praised and negotiations for accession are still underway. However, the situation is stagnant due to problems with world affairs.

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Stories of European borders

 Where is the line between Europe and Asia

It can be said that there is no clear border between Europe and Asia. Many people think of Russia, Turkey, and the area around the Caspian Sea.
For example, with the exception of Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Turkmenistan west of the Caspian Sea, Iran, Syria, Lebanon and Jordan in the Middle East are participating in the World Cup and Olympic Asian qualifiers. On the other hand, the line connecting the Ural Mountains, the Black Sea, the Bosphorus Strait, the Sea of Marmara, and the Dardanelles Strait may be the border between Europe and Asia.

 France has the airport of Switzerland

Basel Airport, the international airport of Switzerland, exists in France. Despite being a Swiss airport, it is located in the city of Mule’s in France.
In the 1930s, France and Switzerland decided to jointly build an airport. Then, it was agreed that Switzerland would bear the construction cost and France would use the land. As a result, Basel Airport was completed in France. In other words, when you arrive at Basel Airport on an international flight, there are immigration offices in France and Switzerland, and you can go through immigration procedures in Switzerland even though you are in France.
And when you enter Switzerland, you will not be afraid of the French stamp on your passport, even though you will pass through France. To reach the city of Basel in Switzerland, continue on the dedicated highway. The airport has France and Switzerland, and you can come and go without a passport. We have staff from both countries, each in a different language.

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If you know history, you can enjoy the trip more!!

Everyone learns about borders in junior high school geography classes. The border has a lot of history and still has a lot of stories. There are many things that can be understood about the current border only by knowing history.
Countries around the world have various border and territorial issues, and these are issues that each country must take seriously. And the problems of the present will lead to the borders of the future.
If you travel abroad, look not only inside the country, but also at the borders of the country. You may be able to understand the history of the country and enjoy traveling abroad more.

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