Dear Those Who Are Thinking to Study Chinese 2 – You Might Expect Your English To Improve As Well

I think my English has improved to some extent. Some people may think that. Many people are paying attention to Chinese, which has the same characters as Japanese, as a third language. So, this time I would like to introduce the benefits of learning English and Chinese, as I work as an English teacher and have a Chinese husband.

Doing Chinese in a third language is useful at times like this!

 Improve both English and Chinese

For example, if a person whose first language is Japanese learns English as a second language, the power of Japanese is overwhelmingly strong, so only perfect Japanese can be compared with other English. But in addition to that, if you do Chinese in a third language, you can compare English and Chinese, so you can find out the points you don’t notice when you’re only doing a second language!

For example, the expression “XX” can be said in Japanese and Chinese. But what do you say in English? Let ’s find out! “What is it?” Because there are three comparisons, you can notice “knowledge you do not know.”

 Enhance your Japanese

This may be an unexpected effect, but as you learn Chinese and learn kanji, your knowledge of Japanese will naturally increase. For example, the Chinese character “Kan”. In Chinese, write “汉”. Chinese “汉” has the meaning of “male”, but Japanese “Han” also has the same meaning.
“Han” is also used in the terms of molesters, thieves, and giants. These are all words that refer to men. I’m convinced that I was told, but maybe I didn’t realize I had to speak Chinese.

Japanese and English are completely different in character and grammar, so there is not much relation between the two languages, but learning Chinese will improve your native language skills. There may be interesting discoveries that you didn’t know because you knew Kanji once again!

Dear Those Who Are Thinking to Study Chinese 1 - Characteristics of Chinese


It leads you to the other dialects in China

If you speak Chinese, you will be able to get to Cantonese and Prologue (spoken in Taiwan and Fujian Province, China) very easily. Cantonese is pronounced quite different from Chinese, but the written language is almost the same. Therefore, if you can speak Chinese, you cannot understand Cantonese if you listen to it, but you can understand it when you read it.

 Kanji language basics

Chinese and Cantonese use different kanji, but because I have knowledge of kanji as a Japanese, “I don’t know this Chinese kanji, but I can understand because this kanji is the same as Japanese” There is also a possibility.
The spoken language is a bit far from Chinese compared to Cantonese, but learning speed is completely different from not knowing Chinese. If you do Chinese, it will help you to learn the 4th and 5th languages!

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This time, we introduced the above topics. I always try to check whether I can say either “Is this in English (Chinese)?” When I learn new words in English or Chinese. I can learn English and Chinese at the same time, so it’s easy to organize it in my head and it’s easy to remember it.
That’s all for today! Until the end Thank you for reading.

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